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  1. Can I interest you in a 96 ZX-6R for $1200? Got one in my garage this weekend........

    That's not a bad deal.

    KatanaPlanet.com is Kana-tuna central, but it's down right now.

    Skip the GS500- fine for an all-around newbie, but not for a current rider. You'd likely get tired of it in about 10 minutes.

    A 600 or 750 Katana would be fine.

    JUst try not to look at it as you're walking up to it :naughty:

  2. While I'm sure there are some of you who do ride here in the desert southwest most of you who are suggesting kick start bikes have no idea how hot it gets out here in the desert and kick starting a bike that has just been dumped really, really sucks. He just wants a bike that he can ride with his son and very low maintenance. Yamaha TTR250 electric start goodness.

    True enough- I live in SoCal, and have been riding an older DR350 kicker.

    I recently picked up a 99 E-start model for under $ 2000.

  3. That must be the area just south of the Orange Empire Rwy Museum.

    I guess it was just a matter of time.

    Sad though- When I was riding there in October we were speculating on how long it would take to happen, and nobody thought it would happen this fast. :)

  4. I had the petcock fail on my SE too, only when I went to start it, it was hydrolocked (BAD :) ), luckily I didn't hurt anything. My carb also had a cracked o-ring on the float level seat. If you have experienced this your oil will be thin and stink of fuel as the other guy said previously.

    The problems that you guys are mentioning are typical of any bike that is 12, or 13 years old, not just a DR.

  5. The DR is an under-braked bike IMO - that is compared to other bikes I ride - I would opt for the over-sized rotor, IF titax is worth a crap. Is that rocky mountain's own brand or something?

    If it is their house brand it looks like they're changing.

    Instead of being 85 to 100 $, they're only $ 30 for reg.steel, and 40 for stainless.

    Going with the oversize rotor would require caliper mods too, which I'm not interested in doing. I've also found it has enough brakes for off-road riding.

    I went with the regular steel versions. It's unlikely that I'll ride enough to wear one out, and here in SoCal rain isn't that much of an issue.

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