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  1. Wear them. I have been a constant ear plug wearer on the street, and I recently started wearing them when I ride off road too.

    I find myself less fatigued at the end of the day, and no head ache, or ringing ears.

    Try it. You'll like it.

  2. Funny you should say that. I suggested we get some marriage councelling when she wanted to leave, but she wasn't having any of it. She just wanted to go.

    So I went on my own after she was gone and I've worked out that stuff with a therapist. That's partially why I understand so much of what went on. At the time I was just bewildered. Now I know what to look out for... at least as far as that's concerned. :)

    :) Good on ya.

    Assuming you're a little younger than me, I'll also throw in my opinion that the way things seem to work in this country today the only people that really benefit from the act of getting officially married are women.

    One big mistake is enough for me. Besides, I'm still paying for this one. :p

  3. When she left me, she moved in with someone else within months and was married a year later. The pattern is now clear. I found out from her friends (after the divorce, of course) that the pattern has been going on for years. I was just the first to last long enough to take it all the way through an engagement and a marriage.

    My advice is to look for the pattern. It's not always as easy as it sounds, but you've gotta try. I'm doubly guilty of ignorant stupidity because my Dad did the same thing through his 5 wives. I am so conscious not to be like him that I never thought I would find a woman who was. :)

    I was lucky in that we enjoyed the time we spent together, had no real hard times, and never had children. Oh, she wanted them, but I never quite felt right about things. I guess somewhere deep down I knew it wasn't right. Luckily, she left just as I was giving in.

    The fact that she behaves like your father, and that you were attracted to her are two relevant points you could be discussing with a therapist before you say "I do" again.

    As for the kid issue- lucky you. I felt the same way. Regrettably (not that I don't love my daughter) I had succumbed to the pressure with my Ex. The worst part was that when I finally came to the realization that our relationship was terminal she was pregnant.

  4. Hmm, I wasn't making a comment about gender, just about how dating today is just sort of ... strange. My point was pretty much in line with yours, that a commitment at date 2 or 3 is just strange. We're on the same 'side', trust me! :) I've had that same reaction from guys at the 2nd or 3rd date, when the GUY us looking for 'forever' at such an early stage of getting to know eachother, and it IS rather upsetting.

    And some guys REALLY hate hearing the 'slow down' message, because I guess women aren't supposed to WANT to take it slow, so they take it REALLY personally... heck, that guy I dated last summer wanted me to move IN with him after dating TWO MONTHS, and throw away my new job, etc, and was BEWILDERED why I didn't want to jump at the chance, like the three live-in girlfriends that preceeded me! :) Go figure why I wouldn't want to join THAT line-up, guess I'm just a weirdo, huh! :p:D

    I know that DJ- I was just tossing in my $0.02. You and I have always seemed to see eye to eye.

  5. Now here's a fine example of hyperbole. (get out your dictionary if you must)

    Who asked for a constant barrage of gifts on a weekly basis? Who mentioned punting? ALL SHE WANTED WAS A TOKEN ON VALENTINE'S DAY, for crying out loud!

    Parts of this thread make me glad I'm single.

    I think you're confused on which post he was responding too.

  6. I'm IN ! ! ! Any cute guys here in Norcal? Or any SoCal guys want to roadtrip?

    and btw ~ if a man wants to really impress me and make me feel special - come over to my house and help me fix something.... yes, I can do it myself, but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy if a guy does it for me.... flowers die but a fixed toilet is forever :)

    New handles, chains, or floats are fine for a first date, but a wax seal replacement would require some depth to the relationship first :)

  7. OK...maybe it's me, but I would be a little annoyed if I didn't get flowers on Valentine's Day too! What ever happened to guys trying to impress girls with flowers and candy, etc.??? :D It's painfully obvious that a lot of guys who posted here just expect girls to "put out" and if you don't, then you aren't worthy of flowers or anything else for Valentine's Day. That is SO sad!! :D Good grief...where are the guys who realize that there is more to life?! I guess I have one of the few. My FIRST date with my husband was the day before Valentine's Day and he sent me a dozen roses. Then he CONTINUED to send me flowers every few weeks or so JUST BECAUSE! And wow...I didn't even have to "put out" until we were married! Imagine that!! :):) Obviously the flowers worked, because it REALLY impressed me that he would be so thoughtful. I dated a few other guys who didn't do things like that got kicked to the curb...FAST! :o Sorry, but if a guy doesn't feel you're worth doing little things for like sending flowers and little thoughtful gifts, then he isn't worth dating or marrying...let alone "putting out" for! Trust me, he won't change! If you aren't worth it now, then you won't be worth it later. Little things mean A LOT to most REAL women. As for those idiots who aren't appreciative of having doors opened for them or getting little gifts, then they aren't worth a guy's time of day! If they are that ignorant, then they deserve to be alone! Well anyhow, that's JMHO. :p

    That all sounds pretty one-sided. You never mentioned anything about reciprocating- like buying him flowers, or beer. ;)

  8. For all you street riders have you seen Torque. Its on HBO. SOOO gay !!! I hope the supercross movie isnt like this.

    I was in that movie. I was wearing a black t-shit, jeans, and sun glasses. Did you see me? :)

    At least they knew it was going to be stupid going in, and had the sense to laugh at themselves in it.

    As for the Super cross movie, the preview I saw looked gay.

  9. So true... it seems like no one likes to 'date' anymore, just to get to know someone... some people expect to see each other every stinking day when everything is 'new' and jump in the sack quickly, and if its good call it "commitment" and stay together for two months until they realize they barely know each other, and what they know they don't like so they end it and move on to the next one... and thats "good behavior", vs. just going out for dinner, etc, with two guys during the same peiod of time? &%$#@!? :)

    Would you like to hear about the other side?

    First of all, I don't mind a romp in the sack at any time if it feels like a good idea, and being recently divorced I'm finding that anytime I date women in their 30's if we seem to get on OK after the 2nd, or 3rd date they start using that commitment word, and looking for the forever promises. I have yet to find a decent way to tell them to slow down without them taking it as a straight out NO.

  10. Damn guys ~ &%$#@!!?! What in the hell is wrong with dating more than one guy if you're not 'intimate'? You need to 'date' someone more than once to decide if you like them.... believe it or not, but sometimes a person does not show their true colors on the first date :) You may need to go out with them 3, 4 or 6 x's before you can make a clean call. And as long as you are not leading anyone on there is no reason you shouldn't be able to date more than one person. It's all about age and attitude.... age meaning you may be a player when you are young (not that I was btw ;-) and attitude meaning are you looking for a relationship or only to 'date'

    and &%$#@! calling a girl a ho cause she dates more than one guy? I guess that us women are only allowed ONE date to decide if a man is worthy of being a boyfriend ~ and in reverse.... a guy only has ONE night to decide if we are the ONE? Common people.... life doesn't work that way. People change, people grow and that guy/girl that is just 'a friend' right now may be your soul mate next year.


    The double standard comes from a lack of self esteem. If it's OK for men under those conditions, I think it's OK for women too.

    I like you. :)

  11. Looks is the difference. There are plenty of helmets with removeable liners, which is something you want to have. Comfort is a subjective thing- eveyone will have their own opinion. Helmet shells basically break down to two types-

    1) injection molded plastic of one sort, or another.

    2) fiberglass composite based.

    Injection molded ones are generally lighter, but I personally feel better with a fiberglass lids. The impact absorbtion comes from the styrofoam liner.

    Some say that the cheaper helmets usually have a thicker liner than the higher priced ones, and should then give a little better protection

    I think that a major factor in the price differential between Shoei, and Arai versus all the rest are based on the Japanese labor rates for those brands.

    Most of the others are currently made in Korea.

    I currently have two Korean helmets and like them. Haven't crash tested them too hard though.

  12. Theres also this one:


    And this:


    I don't really like any of them, so Im making my own right now using some Uni-strut. I know it's been done before but mine is going to bolt to the stock locations, no drilling. Plus I can weld and like making things on my own. I think it's going to be pretty slick when its done...

    Be sure to let us all see it when you're done.

  13. And just for the record, the flowers thing is symbolic for me. I NEVER got any of that stuff from my first husband and it was painful especially since I often worked 2 jobs, paid all the bills, cleaned the house, and took care of him.

    You should just be happy that you finally shook off that deal !

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