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  1. Just keep trying. I separated, and eventually divorced almost 3 years ago. It took me over a year before I even wanted to try and date again. The "it's not you, it's me" is typical. What it really means is " You're nice enough, I just don't particularly care for you." I had a number of first dates- some I wasn't turned on, sometimes they weren't. I did get lucky for a while. I was introduced to a gal that was great- She even rode her own sportbike, and rode quite well too. She had many, many positives, but unfortunately she was my first "girlfriend" since getting out, and the last thing I wanted to do was get too serious.

    the best thing I think is to keep things light, try and date as many, and as often as you can.- With two young boys, it won't be that often.

  2. I've ridden a friend's mildly modded DRZ, and it didn't really feel any stronger than my DR350.

    I'd have to imagine that adding 80 cc. to a DR would be a big kick in the pants.

  3. Glad it was fun for you. I found that the naked one was very wind-less. It seemed as though you were in a quiet pocket upto about 90 mph. I liked it's seating position with the tall bars. Be cautious on which year you buy. I think it's best to stay with an 04, or 05 model, and there are plenty of brand new 2, and 3 year old ones out there still.

  4. Are you a born again rider, with an overweight, poor handling bike that you use to bar hop with then I think you should be worried.

    I'm almost 42, and yesterday I put 400 twisty, curvy miles on my POS jap crap sporty bike and came away unscathed once again. :cry:

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