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  1. Hey guys, we're going to Moab this weekend and would like toi watch the SX Sat nite. Any suggestions on which sports bar may be the best to watch it on TV. Thanks for the recomendations Max
  2. max49

    RIP Rich

    Hi Jeff. That's awesome that you are doing the lift in honor of Rich, I know he would appreciate it. You can get the stickers from Tony, he did a great job on them. I will send him a text and let him know that you are wanting some.
  3. max49

    RIP Rich

    I know you were there Tony and I was glad that you came and we got a chance to meet you. I hope you and Bryan and many of Riches' other friends still come by to see us at the races and maybe other places. It won't be the same without Rich but it would still be great to see and talk to you guys. My# is 3-- 594-8172
  4. max49

    RIP Rich

    Hi Guys, I just received a text from Rich's wife, Vicki, with the funeral service information. She asked me to post it out here for everyone and wanted you all to know that they were very touched by the tributes that everyone is posting about Rich. The funeral services will be on Friday March 23rd. It will be family only from 10:30 - 11:00 with open visitation from 11:00 - 12:00 followed by the service which will begin at 12:00. The service will be held at a church in Castle Rock called "The Rock" it is located at 4881 Cherokee Drive, Castle Rock, CO 80109. Max
  5. max49

    RIP Rich

    I'm also devastated and this is still so surreal to me. I just can't believe this happened to my good friend. Rich and I met about 5 years ago at a ride meet at Rampart, it was arranged right here on TT. Rich was also the one who took me to Moab for my first time. I talked him and Shane into doing their first enduro, which turned out to be the hardest one possible for an "introduction" into the sport. It was "Hardrock" down near Canon City. I watched the race from Carnage Canyon, at the first huge bottle neck here comes Rich, he puts his WR 450 on the stand and starts helping all his competitors up the rocks. After he helped 10 or so racers up the rocks, I just had to tell him, "Rich, I know your such a nice and helpful guy, but this is a race and you need to get your bike and get going". He did and after he was done with his race he helped my son change a flat tire and even supplied the tube he needed to finish his race. That's the kind of guy he was and not just helping others in riding situations, he was always there to lend me a hand with the motorhome or most recently my hot water heater. Even though Hardrock was brutal for almost all riders, it was his first enduro and I thought he may never want to do another one. I was so wrong, he was a fierce competitor and loved the challenge, he went through the C class in a few races, trophied, and did great in the B class. I will miss my friend and riding Buddy, the dinners together, drinking some beer, and our great riding adventures. Going to the races will not be the same without having his pickup and camper parked next to us and him coming to the motorhome for our traditional spaghetti dinner, Sat. night before the race. And of course the laughs and war stories after the race. Vicki, Shane,Karly and Libby, if there is anything that we can do to make this very difficult time any easier at all, please call any of us, anytime. I already miss ya Rich, thanks for all the great times and memories we shared, and thanks again for helping me through Spruce Gulch, I might still be down there if it weren't for you. Even if we went a month without getting together, I always looked for any posts you made on TT to see what you've been up to. RIP Rich, me,Jan and Mike feel very lucky to have had you as a friend; I just can't believe you left us so soon. Max
  6. I don't know if this has been posted before but It's worth a watch. http://www.bing.com/...almoduleindex=3
  7. I know it was'nt a funny situation but this pic cracked me up. Just had to share it.
  8. max49

    Denver endurocross

    I agree, it's a great show and mostly more entertaining races than SX. I hope Denver can keep this one.
  9. max49

    VDR hare scramble 2010

    You're thinking of Honda, which has no confidence in their products and comes with no warranty. You can race your Yamaha 30 days in a row and it will be under warranty.
  10. max49

    Organize 717 Race?

    They've had National Enduros down there before. Great fun and close event. You'll get a great turnout for a race, but you'll earn it. Good luck with getting the permits and every thing organized.
  11. Corey is a great guy. We hope for a fast and complete recovery for him.
  12. max49

    New Thread - VDR Hare Scramble Nov 21, 2010

    What was wrong with the first thread?
  13. max49

    MXdn? In Colorado? Sure doesn't feel like it!

    USA # 1, awesome race!
  14. max49

    Sidney Enduro Race Report and Video

    Thanks for the RR and vid Zak. You can tell interest in moto really dwindles after about July 4th
  15. max49

    My shop experience- Epic Motosports

    Unfortunately, your shop experience, was not that rare.