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  1. xcountryfreak

    Will any US be willing to ride 2019 MXON at Assen

    That's ridiculous Tomac rode just like he did at iron man trying to conserve points. Plessinger didn't seem at his best either. and they had bad luck. Our day will come if these kids put their hearts into it. De COster talking like that sure doesn't help , if he actually said that we couldn't be competitive.
  2. xcountryfreak

    Will any US be willing to ride 2019 MXON at Assen

    Barca will go and do great. El Chupacabra would be a good one too. And El Hombre would round out a real tough, street fighting team for Assen. If they are all healthy. Bring it on!! De Coster needs to widen his horizons. Mxon doesn't count. And Tomac and plessinger were worn out from the nationals. We need some fire and these guys have it.
  3. xcountryfreak

    MXON Schedule favors Euros

    Well, one of the French riders raced the Nationals so I guess that blows the timing theory. Maybe the euros got together a few years back and agreed to take out our guys at the start. Then if their rider fell in the tangle too they would throw that race score out and another team rider takes out a us rider in the next race. That way it doesn't hurt their scores and eliminates the yanks. Conspiracy theory maybe but still possible. We never seem to get good starts in mxon any more. But I have to admit the euros are very quick.
  4. xcountryfreak

    2007 yz 450 f rear brake problem

    I had the same issue with my 06YZ250. The rear brake had been gradually getting worse and worse and finally stopped working. There weren't any leaks that I could find and there was plenty of fluid but they just would not pump up when I bled them. So I rebuilt the rear master cylinder. Still won't bleed. I pump and pumped and never got the pedal to firm up. I've been bleeding brakes on cars and motorcycles all my 62 years and never had this problem. I tried raising the caliper above the master cylinder to get air bubbles out. Tried sucking fluid into the brake line to fill it then filled the master cylinder and caliper with fluid before bolting the line on. Still would not firm up and would not even get bubbles when pumping the pedal and cracking the nipple. Then I read that some brake fluids don't compress at the same rate. I had been using DOT 3 & 4 fluid from Orileys. I got some DOT 4 fluid and also put a caliper rebuild kit in. Suddenly the brake bled in about two minutes! Not sure if the caliper seals were the problem or the fluid. But I think it may be the fluid. I'll avoid the DOT 3 & 4 from now on.
  5. xcountryfreak

    M-Spec Big Bore from Millennium

    Yep,the steel sleeve doesn't transfer heat as well as the plated bore but ESR has the bigger water jackets so that helps. I have heard some of the horror stories too. I have also heard the going over 71mm makes the engine too much of a low rev lugger. The Max Power kit is supposed to resolve that by staying at 71 for a 285. So many choices.
  6. xcountryfreak

    M-Spec Big Bore from Millennium

    Thanks for the responses. The reason for going big bore is two fold - first, my bore is on its last leg and I'll have to spend a few hundred on it soon no matter what. Secondly - my 250 runs fantastic. I mean it is so fast I can't imagine doing anything to it that would make it faster like porting. However, the power comes on so explosively it is hard to control even with a 12oz flywheel. When it is in the power band it can loop out easily in any gear just by twisting the throttle all the way back. I find myself having to put allot of energy into throttle control and that IS holding me back. So a big bore is probably the best thing for me, but which one? the MSpec sounds great because of the price and the plating instead of a sleeve. But I'm concerned that just punching out the bore is a short cut approach that ignores the fact that you are changing the port configuration and not accounting for the increased heat. And they say its their most popular kit but I haven't found anyone who can give it a review. I'm leaning towards ESR.
  7. xcountryfreak

    M-Spec Big Bore from Millennium

    Has anyone tried the M-Spec big bore (265 & 295) from Millennium? From looking at the web site write up it looks like they punch out your stock cylinder, re-plate it, port, adjust squish, grind the power valve and put in a new top end kit. Its reasonably priced too. Since they apparently don't do anything to increase capacity of water jackets, what about the additional heat created by more displacement? And if larger jackets aren't necessary why do the Athena and ESR kits bother with them? Also, by increasing the hole size, is the plating compromised? I have heard that the exhaust bridge can overheat and lose its plating after just punching the stock bore out to 72mm. I thought that was why ESR went to all the trouble of making his own cylinder casting. Millennium says its their most popular kit and it sounds like a killer deal at almost half the cost of Athena or ESR. My YZ needs a re-plate and I'm really tempted to put in a big bore. Just having a heck of a time deciding which way to go. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. xcountryfreak

    The future of motocross is bleak

    Old school? You don't mean with a hand saw do you? My 8th grade wood shop teacher cut four fingers off on the table saw. He was yelling at some kids in the back of the shop and ZING! But I do agree, today's kids are mostly mechanically inept. I have a boy and two girls and the girls are more mechanical than the boy. But he is better on the computers than the girls. The girls are more competitive too. Today's girls seem much more confident than when I was young (which was long, long ago). The whole problem with the kids is video games, cable TV and social networking. If I could have played Modern Warfare all day on a killer video console I may not have wanted to spend all my time and money rebuilding my Penton 125 and trying to find some place legal to ride it.
  9. xcountryfreak

    Is this normal

    The piston looks strange. Did it have a black coating on it out of the box or was it bare aluminum? The lines in the cylinder look to line up with the power valve ports. If they do, check to make sure the power valve isn't touching the rings. The markings don't look normal to me. I would re-check the measurements on the bore too.
  10. xcountryfreak

    '99 YZ250 Not running right? Help!

    I had the same kind of problem. Turned out that the AS would feel like it was all the way in but if I turned it harder it went in further about 3 turns. Guess it's stripped or has some gunk in the threads. Now bike runs good but after new main seals, plugs, coil, and many hours of troubleshooting.
  11. xcountryfreak

    Josh Hill going Electric at Red Bull Straight Rhythm

    Yeah, but how many more places could we ride dirt bikes if they didn't make any noise?
  12. xcountryfreak

    yz 250 with Athena Big Bore Kit

    This is great discussion. IMO the goal of getting a 300 kit isn't so much for peak power but to make the already explosive power of the YZ250 more tractable. Widen out the power band so it comes on sooner with more grunt and accelerates faster between the turns. Someone on this forum called his ESR kitted YZ the "Old Man" bike because it was so smooth and tractable that an old man could ride it faster without working so hard but it was still super fast.. The talk of rod bearings going out at 40 hours concerns me now but this is the first I have heard that since the 300 kit discussions started on this forum. My question is which of the kits is the best all around? Which has the best power, reliability and support?
  13. xcountryfreak

    YZ250 Weight Question

    I used to ride a WR290F off road and had lightened it up quite a bit. But I moved to an 06 YZ250 after getting frustrated with the cost of maintaining a 4T and the lack of handling in the WR. Lastt year I got my YZ stuck in a rut that was up to the seat height. No kidding, The top of the seat was about 8 inches above ground level and both wheels were buried in the mud at the bottom of this rut. Had I been on my WR the bike would still be in that rut. But the YZ was light enough that I was able to slide some branches under the wheels until I could lift each wheel out of the rut and free the bike. Yes, you will definately notice the difference.
  14. It looks exactly like my 06 YZ250 chassis. I think the YZ125 used an ALuminum frame starting in 05. It might be easier to just wedge the CR engine into one of those.
  15. xcountryfreak

    Hayden Enterprises Factory Connection Suspension Revalve

    Factory connection valving front and rear. Only a couple rides on it so far but it feels much better.