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  1. swm73

    Jesse williams

    Does anyone know what happened to,or where jesse williams is? I sent him a motor and now he will not return my call Thanks
  2. swm73

    losing water

    took head to machine shop they check it and it is worped just a little. they are cleaning it up. But Iwould like to put a YZ250F head on can get one ported and read to install for 750.00. I have a 290 bb kit on it stage 2 cams jetted carb and vortex elect. other than porting what elese can i do to it. It needs to be faster and pull harder. Water came out the over flow
  3. swm73

    losing water

    Ok it did not work. Had a race Saturday and the two heat races same thing lost half my water. Just put big bore kit on and going to send head to the shop to get checked. Man what a differants eletronics makes. Can I put a YZ250F head on my wr? Thanks
  4. swm73

    losing water

  5. swm73

    losing water

    I will check the head and cylender, not sure about over flow, head and cyclender where clean. temp 220
  6. swm73

    losing water

    HI new here. I have a 2006 wr250f and I put a 14to1 compression pistion in and stage 2 cams, and rejetted the carb. After putting it together and running it hard it has lost half its rad coolent. I dont see a leak ? Any help would be great. Thanks