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  1. miguelitro

    Beta 250 RR (2014)


    Its a boy!!!
  2. miguelitro

    Beta 250 RR 2014

    Its a boy!!!
  3. miguelitro

    Yamaha or Honda

    yz 250 for a smoker wr450/250 for a trail bike xr650r for a desert race bike/baja bike. I ride a chinese honda knockoff now and like it. They are all pretty good IMO. Mike
  4. miguelitro

    What kind of pit bike is this?

    looks chinese, you can tell by the eyes. Mike
  5. miguelitro

    Identify this motor? Re-branded China bike possibly?

    looks like mine but mine is only a 200. pushrod motor like yours. they have a 250cc bike under the same brand called the raptor. Mike
  6. miguelitro

    up the coast to Montanita

    Saw a good live reggae band, drank a bunch of beers, woke up a little hungover and since my wife had to work we headed home without getting to do any more side trips. There is a neat waterfall near montanita though its probably pretty dry right now as well as some great beaches up the coast. We stopped here for the sole reason that it’s a friggin ship. Apparently food on Spanish Galeons is expensive so we just grabbed a beer. I had not noticed that my helmet is from a well named company. You can see the high rises of Salinas through the haze Put nearly 200 kms on the bike and used just under 2 gallons of fuel at 2.10$ a gallon:D This little 200cc china bike really rides pretty nice with the 2 of us on there and gets up to 80 kph pretty well. Mike
  7. miguelitro

    up the coast to Montanita

    We took the new bike for an overnighter up the coast to Montanita as I am trying to get 1000K on the odo so I can get the 1st scheduled maintenance done. The bike came with a 1 year or 12,000km warranty and the work must be done by the authorized mechanic(I’ll take pics of his “shop”, its classic 3rd world). Its also free, well included in the purchase price! Playa Rosada We then followed the coast up a nice graded dirt road to Ayangue for lunch. After lunch it was a quick run up to Montanita We went to visit Tio Poeta and have some pina coladas
  8. miguelitro

    kinda OT...panama

    Panama is awesome for sure but the comment about the rain is pretty right on. Riding in the rainy season sucks most days there as it does here in Ecuador unless you really like slippery mud. I'm from San Diego so the rain is an adjustment for sure. Mike
  9. miguelitro

    Apollo 250cc???

    Chinese bikes are everywhere down here and people use the piss out them in horrible conditions. Considering a used xr650r like I would like to have, what I rode and raced in San Diego ca, cost upwards of 6k, I will be buying a Chinese bike. It's funny though because when I buy new Hondas I have to instantly change the oil, grease the pivots, tune the carb, do mods to make it run right, weld a bracket to the right side foot peg(650), reroute all the cables and wires and then run it and change the oil a couple times to get any machining debris out... Sounds about the same except the Chinese bike comes with 2 free helmets and a really crappy owners manual! Mike
  10. miguelitro

    Tekno 200 cc dual sport, any info/experience?

    here is a tekno 200cc for sale on south amerian c list. new is only 100$ more. http://moto.mercadolibre.com.ec/MEC-10134956-completamente-nueva-900-km-de-reccorrido-moto-tekno-_JM Mike
  11. miguelitro

    Tekno 200 cc dual sport, any info/experience?

    looks like i can get this one for under 2k http://www.motor-uno.com/m1r200.php i dont know a price on the 250 yet and carnival is starting off here tonight so nobody works:D Mike
  12. looking at picking one up new for around 1k at the mall. tekno is the brand but i cant find much else about them. its a fairly decent looking 200 cc thumper dual sport... thanks Mike
  13. miguelitro

    Baja Bound in 7 days - give me your expert advice

    If you need a back up bike you can borrow my new one. might help with the tent pitching
  14. miguelitro

    f150 or toyota tacoma

    Hope you didn't buy a whole starter as you can by the contacts for about ten bucks and a new plunger for another ten t bough it's usually not needed. I had to do mine after @150,xxx Mike
  15. miguelitro

    f150 or toyota tacoma

    If you were talking new I would say ford all the way but up to 2004 tacomas, before the new generation are un real trucks. I just drove my 99 3500 miles in Baja in 40 days. I got a flat tire in my parking space 4 days after getting home. Oh I have 170,xxx miles, og manual tranny, did the timing chain at 110,xxx no other problems Mike