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  1. chas459

    2010 Kawisaki KLX110 & KLX110L

    i think they will be the same as older models, ya it looks different but if u were to strip the plastics off its about the same, i like the idea with the new transmission ratios i just hope there the same a the tagawa... i read somewhere something about a decomp. cam, it would make sense since it has electric start but i dont think thats necessary i think for the hp all they did was take the centrifugal clutch out on the L witch makes it rev faster, i dont know if they really changed the pipe too much since i didnt see anything about how the non (L) has more hp, i now they said it about the L, overalll even if the L sits too high and doesn't turn well u can make it into a normal 110 farily easy, it would just have a clutch kit already installed im just waiting to get my hands on both of them side by side to really see if its worth the extra money or if u can just but the tank and plastics and make one of my old ones look like its new...
  2. chas459

    thumpstar 120 or klx110

    if u ride the thumpstar alot it breaks if u pound on it get the 110 i have 2 and my friend has a broken thumpstar
  3. chas459

    fork supports?

    you dont need them u wont hurt your forks by straping them down
  4. chas459

    lets make a thread full of links to pitbikes

    www.crowerpower.com www.powroll.com www.epicrace.com http://www.takegawa.co.jp/takeeng/index2.html
  5. chas459

    110 swing arm cracked

    i did but i was flatlanding from about 8 ft up and about 20 ft out
  6. chas459

    big bore on 110

    i have one it realy nice but im going to a 138 with the head (stage 3-4)
  7. chas459

    110 pink plastics

    anyone know where i can find pink plastics for my new 110?
  8. chas459

    Bubba bike in TBR

    i looked and i dont c what your talkin about a lil more info plz
  9. chas459

    110 sprocket changes w/ fourth gear drum

    i have the stage 3 kit (2bros) mostly but with diferent brands and i have stock front a 34 back and i use all of it
  10. chas459

    110 and KX60/KX65 Suspension???

    the kx 60 forks slide into the stock tripleclamps
  11. chas459

    klx 110 clutch plates?

    i smoked the clutch in my 110 i heard somewhere that u can put 65 or 60 plates in there?
  12. chas459

    110 Click Noise

    my 110 click when you goin slow in 1st and 2nd gear and today i was waxing the chain and i was roaling it backwards and it would catch on something inside the motor maing the tire lockup on me and if i pulle don it it would come free and do it again, a bur on the gears?
  13. chas459

    Yamaha YZF50??

    i think they should just redo the ttr90 but the 50 would be cool
  14. chas459

    Pic of Jetsters bike (latest)

    same here http://photobucket.com/albums/v225/chas459/ but heres mine...lol
  15. chas459

    110 filter part #

    does anyone know the part number for the 110 airfilter that is sold with the removal kit? not the part# form 2bros or nething but the one from uni