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  1. bambambennett

    RM 250 with no VIN and it's not filed off. Any ideas?

    Not a factory bike. Factory RM 250's had black frames. The ones they used the engine cases out of sat in the back of the warehouse and had numbers and certificates of origin. I had bought a few from American Suzuki and they were new production bikes with a used but newlike fresh motor which was used on the race bike. Even the practice bikes were done this way. I would say somebody bought another frame and never put the vin on it. I have bent a frame on a RM so it isn't uncommon to buy a new frame, however most dealers want the old frame so they can stamp matching numbers on the new one, obviously missed that step with yours.
  2. bambambennett

    01,03,04,06 RM Pros/Cons and best overall

    I prefer the 04. Powerful motor and really good suspension. I miss my 04. I currently have an 03. It was a pain to jet properly, but it runs really really strong. The gnarliest RM 250 motor ever. I ported every other RM I ever had(01,02,04,06,08) but the 03 is stock. The KYB suspension mimics YZ's of the time with the bumper forks. 04 motors are detuned from the 03 a tiny bit but the Showa suspension makes up for it. Any RM from 01 to 08 is good, it just depends what you are looking for.
  3. bambambennett

    RM250 opinions?

    02's are good. Not as healthy as an 03-04 but still a good bike. I had my 02 ported from Bill's back in 02 and it ripped. My fully built 02 was as strong as my stock 03 with a bit more over rev. IMO 04 is the best year RM. Stong mean motor and the Showa suspension. )2 is a good year.
  4. bambambennett

    new wiseco clutch basket

    If you dont peen the ends, they will loosen up. The bolts on my 250 lossened up and i lost 3. Yes, lost. I found one ground up at the bottom of the primary and a whole lot of shiny stuff in the oil when I drained it. It made all kinds of noise riding gingerly back to the truck for 15 miles.
  5. bambambennett

    2003 RM 250 OIL CHECK BOLT?

    It does not exist on my 03
  6. bambambennett

    Piston detonation on intake side, 2005 rm250

    Go back to the original jetting you had and just run higher octane. dont do both at the same time.
  7. bambambennett

    Piston detonation on intake side, 2005 rm250

    You need about 95 octane to get rid of detonation on your RM. I run a 100 octane Cal epa legal VP race gas out of the pump at the fuel station around the corner from the local track with great results.
  8. bambambennett

    2008 RM 250 Cylinder Compability

    06 is the replacement cylinder for 06 and earlier now and 07-08 use another cylinder but all from 03 will work like stated before. Be aware of 03 cylinders because the porting makes jetting difficult but they do run extremely strong when jetted correctly.
  9. bambambennett


    03-08 RM 250 pipes will all fit, the tune was changed with aftermarket offerings though from year to year. 02 and earlier pipe will not fit since the port angle is different. A fresh oring with a bead of silicone on the pipe side of the oring and a very clean surface will fix the goo leaking. Also a common thing is the oring gets old enabling the pipe to wiggle and bang around in the cylinder flange making a worn spot in the flange. You can try to find a slightly larger oring or during the next top end have the flange welded up and remachined to make a fresh surface. Mixing an FMF pipe with a PC silencer is normal, some people feel the PC silencer is better than the FMF so they use it instead.
  10. Aftermarket plastic does not match OEM. I just put a 2013 RMZ front fender and numberplate on my 03. It matches just fine. I actually have an 01 tank and shrouds on my 03(my 03 tank and shrouds are thrashed) which is a bit of a darker yellow, but with stickers on all of it you cant really tell.
  11. On a broad corperate scale, you must look at the big picture. Why do you think the small pick-up truck market is going away(except Toyota)? The cost to produce so many different models is huge in comparison to the overall profit percentage. Corperations want to make money. If Suzuki were to make RM lines again, the profit percentage would be small which the corperate boards dont want. They would rather make 2 models of off road/motorcross race bikes(RMZ 250 and 450) and keep the profit at level "x", even if they dont hold the profit share of the american or world business. Adding 2 more models, even though the tooling is already there and usable, the overall profit level becomes "X minus the cost of production of the reused models + the very small profit margin of said models. The very small profit from the reuse negatively affects the overall profit so they see it as a negative business move even though the profit share increases and consumers become happier with the choices available. Yamaha had the correct idea(to the consumer) with maintaining the exesting line with no changes to the consumer however it costs them in their total profit margin since the tooling/production change has to happen and that costs production time. KTM seems to give the consumer what they want by offering a whole bunch of models which they feel is the profitable business they are looking for, but to convince a japanese business board of this is impossible. In a perfect world, we as the consumers could get the product we want, and the corperations would make the profit margin they want. Unfortunately as of now, the product would cost so much for the corperation to make the desired profit margin that sales would stagnate because the consumer is not willing to spend that corperate desired amount for the profit margin desired. Welcome to world economy 101. Sucks for us but fortunately the 2 stroke has not progressed like four strokes have so a ten year old model is almost as good as a brand new one. I say revive your oldie and keep it going. LOL, one day you might be able to race your local vintage motocross on it!
  12. bambambennett

    2006 RM 250, Need a Jetting Table ! Need Help

    How does it run now? Jetting should go a bit leaner from your elevation change so if it runs good now, go a tad richer everywhere. Jetting tables are only recommended starting points, not jetting bibles. Every bike is different. To properly jet your bike you need to do it where you ride. Dunes add an extra load on the motor so a recomendation would be a tad richer even yet to minimize piston crown heat.
  13. Yep, I have one of those mouth friends who ride and race a YZ 250 and is always stating it is much better than my RM. He has an 07YZ and I have an 03RM. I can out turn him anywhere on the trail, period. He finally stopped his mouth when his YZ tossed a chain and he road my RM back to the truck to get it(I had no fricken idea where we were,LOL!) When he arrived he asked what mods were done to it to make it so burley on the bottom and couldnt believe it turned so good. My RM only has carbon fiber single stage reeds and a Bill's pipe. Other than that it is stock. He doesnt talk too much crap anymore unless we are racing the beer cooler.
  14. bambambennett

    Golden spectro oil any good?

    My dad ran that stuff since the 70's. He used one pint bottle per 5 gallons fuel. I dont run it, but he claims to have had good luck with it. We never exploded any bikes running it.
  15. bambambennett

    Vent hose? or wat?

    All hoses other than the fuel inlet hose are vent hoses. If any clog, it can cause a vapor-lock situation. I cut the ends of my vent hoses at an angle to minimize plugging. It is more likely mud or brush will fall out since the area of the opening becomes bigger.