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  1. I'm installing an alum YZ426 subframe on my '99 WR400 and I would like to replace the missing rear brake master cylinder mount steel nutsert with a stock like nutsert instead of a 'loose' nut. Anybody know where to get the nutsert? I don't see the separate nutsert on the exploded subframe diagram. Brian
  2. I have yet to meet a bike I can't flat-foot with both feet...... I have the opposite problem compared to most of you. Hell, I flat foot my WR400 and it has Guts tall/hard foam...... Bottom line - unless you're 5'8"/165lbs most dirtbikes aren't set up for you. Brian
  3. Brian_in_Long_Beach

    needing advise finding and moding a WR

    Can't really offer any info on the 450's because I still ride a '99 WR400. But I do have two questions 1) Are you a world class rider that truly rode the 400 beyond its power capabilities 2) Where are you riding in Iowa that you need the ability to go 90 mph offroad? Brian
  4. Brian_in_Long_Beach

    Problems in moab

    You're kidding, right? Cage drivers don't see black/white patrol cars with flashing lights on top (personal experience) - what makes you think they're going to see the little blinker on my motorcycle? My WR is street legal/plated in CA - it has to meet CA equipment requirements, not Utah equipment requirements. Brian
  5. Brian_in_Long_Beach

    Problems in moab

    See my post above this one..... Being cited for vs being convicted of are two different issues. I'd be the dick from CA that would fight the $25 fix-it ticket issued in Utah.... Brian
  6. Brian_in_Long_Beach

    Problems in moab

    Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure you are correct - it's a totally chickenshit approach to LE. Brian
  7. Brian_in_Long_Beach

    Problems in moab

    Ask your Utah HP contact to provide the law(s) that allow him to cite properly registered out of state vehicles for Utah specific equipment infractions - ie CA requires two plates on pass cars & pick-ups but a citation written to a vehicle from a state that only requires one plate will not hold up in court. Brian
  8. Brian_in_Long_Beach

    Problems in moab

    My CA registered vehicles - including my street legal WR400 & street legal XR250R - are not subject to Utah specific VC equipment requirements or OHV permit/registration - ie window tint that is legal in CA but illegal for Utah registered vehicles OR Utah lighting laws (blinkers). Non-street legal OHV permits are a different issue. Brian
  9. Some states don't require titles, bill of sale or registration on OHVs - thus no DMV paper trail. Brian
  10. Brian_in_Long_Beach

    What is considered a stop at a stop sign?

    Ca Vehicle Code 22450 does not require you to put a foot down or wait for a specified amount of time - it does require that motion cease, as in the wheels stop turning. If you can 'track stand' - come to a complete stop and balance the bike w/o putting your feet down you have met the requirements of the pertinent VC sections. Brian
  11. Brian_in_Long_Beach

    OHV license Plates: New Assembly Bill

    I have no problem with insurance being required on street legal vehicles and I think you're (collective you) an idiot if you don't have liability insurance that covers you while on your dirtbike. Green/Red sticker bikes are not required to be insured. Brian
  12. Brian_in_Long_Beach

    Hwy 395 Camping/Riding suggestions

    PM Sent. Brian
  13. Brian_in_Long_Beach

    Best ACL repair?

    Dr. Mark, Not sure if you've addressed this question previously or not.... Is anyone doing research on 'synthetic' ACL grafts? The majority of the conversation seems to be auto vs allo graft. Brian
  14. Brian_in_Long_Beach

    Best ACL repair?

    Unfortunately, it looks like you are correct.... I just got the latest EOB from Blue Cross yesterday and the total for 3 procedures & 2 supply charges is $18,817.00 with a BC 'allowance' of $7629.00 I have to review my notes because the provider charges are different than what I remember being told by the surgeon's office and the surgery center. I'm utterly amazed at the giant gap between provider charges and insurance allowances when I get these EOB statements...... Brian
  15. Wife & I plus 3 labs will be heading to Cal City for Thanksgiving via Hwy 395 from the Reno area - yep, it's the roundabout way but we're taking the full week off. Will be towing a 36ft 5th wheel toybox. Unfortunately, wife will be on her Green sticker CRF250X as her dual sport XR250R isn't going to be running... Thinking about spending a day or two at Moon Rocks but need suggestions on where to camp & ride along the way south on Hwy 395. Riging trails/trips will need to be no more than 4-5 hours away from the trailer due to the dogs (and the wife's endurance). Any suggestions? Brian