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    Finally!!! An orange bike that I would buy!

    Baja 500 results show harley with 1 overall m/c win (1975) and other orange bike with zero overall m/c wins. Baja 1000 results show zero overall m/c wins for harley and zero overall wins for other orange bike. When combined, harley has 1 overall m/c wins and other orange bike has zero overall m/c wins. Same results would apply to Can-am also.
  2. bajanutt

    Finally!!! An orange bike that I would buy!

    as a matter of fact it seems harley has more combined overall wins in the baja 500 and baja 1000 than the other orange bike also.
  3. bajanutt

    Finally!!! An orange bike that I would buy!

    seems that harley has more baja 500 wins than the other orange bike
  4. bajanutt

    San Diego rental cars

    Enterprise car rental did rent cars for mexico, i think they still may rent cars for mexico. They may have some geogaphical restriction, you can call and ask them. Note that not very many offices rent for mexico, I think the only office in san diego that does is the one at the the airport ( Lindburg Field )
  5. bajanutt

    Looking for Baja Riders

    BajaVeteran, Do you remember when ramons wife lived in san vincente? If yes, send me an email at okeeeeokeeee@aol.com If you dont please disregard this message. We may have a lot to ride and talk about in the future. thanks, steve
  6. bajanutt


    You are correct that gearing is the same except the 15/42 uses less chain length. You are also correct that the gearing is a little tall for ultra slow riding, but I just got used to it. I have never have much trouble in the slow challenging stuff but the reason I use tall gears is to conserve gas. I have a 4 gallon tank and I seem to get 60-62 mpg no matter how easy or hard i ride. In Baja I need the 240 mile range. Also I have never had to mess with fuel screw, but if it is really cold (say 30 F or less) I do increase to idle screw a little for cold starting.
  7. bajanutt


    I have a 99 xr400 with about 15k miles of baja riding (sea level to about 8,000 ft, tight trails to high speed highway) and the best jetting I have found is #62, #160, 2-1/4 out and 3rd position on needle. This is with stock engine, stock carb, uni air filter, no snorkle, and exhaust baffle removed, 15/42 gearing. Best of luck.