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  1. So, out of no where one of my friends from high school is interested in my 2014 Yz250 and has made me an offer of $3500 for it. it is in almost very good condition and is completely stock. Im trying to decide if this is a good price. its hard for me to put a price on these bikes because they seem to depreciate differently than other bikes for some reason. I have the urge to go pick up a Yz250x. Should I let this girl go? Thanks for your opinions
  2. MXBandit39

    2 Stroke Presence in GNCC

    Well, if it is it's not what I intended. I just wanted someone who actually follows GNCC to that's my question
  3. MXBandit39

    2 Stroke Presence in GNCC

    This is not a comparison between two or four strokes. I'm just asking if anyone who keeps up with GNCC has noticed a decline in the number of riders on two strokes
  4. MXBandit39

    2 Stroke Presence in GNCC

    Does anyone agree, or has anyone noticed a decline in two strokes in GNCC?
  5. So this is my question anyone who's been keeping up with GNCC Racing this year. I know in the XC2, two strokes are allowed to compete up to the pro level alongside equal displacement four strokes. Most of the riding that I do is cross country, so I enjoy some of the clear advantages of having 2 stroke machines. I watched a video from one of the dirt bike magazines doing the shootout between the yz250x and the yz250fx. They said the number of people riding two strokes in GNCC are are declining. Has anyone witnessed that who is actually keeping up with it this season?
  6. MXBandit39

    yz85 suddenly smells bad?

    Yes. Is it like a heavy rubbery smell? if so, thats gear oil burning.
  7. MXBandit39

    yz85 suddenly smells bad?

    I had this same thing happen to my old yz85. I would bet my paycheck the left crank seal is going bad, causing you to burn transmission oil. You should replace it.
  8. So, the yz85 that I bought for my girlfriend just isnt cutting it anymore. She rode a ktm 85xc that is for sale by one of my freinds the other day and fell in love with it. I want to put the yz85 up for sale, but I hate to loose the $400 dollar investment in the wheels I made. I bought a set of kx100 wheels for it (and they fit). Does anyone know if the big wheels from the kx100/rm100 will fit the ktm 85? the 85xc already has the longer swingarm. Does anyone know if kx or rm85 wheels will fit the ktm? if they will, then the big wheels will fit also. Thanks for your help.
  9. MXBandit39

    Highest compression ratio with 100ll

    Very helpful! Thanks. Have you ever found in your experience a case where you needed a higher octane than that 100ll provides?
  10. MXBandit39

    Highest compression ratio with 100ll

    I'd have to see some specs. It runs far better than any pump gas and performs equally as well as any race gas I've tried. I'm sure there are hundreds of people who use it with no problem. But is it safe for high compression applications?
  11. So I got into a discussion one of my friends last night about 100ll in the Motocross scene. In my experience, 100ll is a great alternative to race fuel because it's much cheaper and meet my demands quite well. My friend has a high-compression piston in his 2011 CRF450R and thinks that he needs more than a hundred octane. What do you guys think? What is about the highest compression ratio people are successfully running 100 octane avgas
  12. I've been spending a lot of time recently reading up on some forum post from when fuel injection was introduced to dirt bikes. It seems like the fuel injected bikes are smoother and have less of a hit than carbuerated bikes. Is this a characteristic of fuel injection? The Cr500 in the video in my last post that was fuel injected was said to have a really smooth power delivery because of the fuel injection. I know that part of the snap comes from two strokes being rich, so I can see how electronic fuel injection could contribute to a smoother, more controllable ride. What are some of the other major advantages that this fuel injected two stroke would have? Also, How does bore side effect power delivery? I have ridden a cr500 before, and even though it was by far the most powerful bike ive ever ridden, was very smooth compared to a 250 and especially a 125. Why does an increase in bore size seem come with an increase in linearity through the powerband?
  13. Does anyone have experience riding the yz250 and yz250x back to back? Does the yz250x feel as strong as the standard yz250?
  14. Do peaky powerband correspond to higher peak horsepower? The way I understand it is, the 250x produces more peak horsepower than the standard 250
  15. Has anyone ridden the yz250x on a track and compared it to a standard 250?