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  1. Your bike looks awesome KX 250F Man. That is one of the cooler YZs I have seen. Love the red highlights.
  2. LARider

    2010 250 Xc....

    Does anyone have a 2010 250 XC yet? I was looking at picture of it online...with the electric start, the translucent 3 gallon tank, and all the other features, it seems like KTM is perfecting this bike. Just wondering if anyone who is lucky enough to have one wants to post their thoughts. Thanks.
  3. LARider

    Bankarts Lesion Repair Healing Time?

    In late April I had a really similar surgery. My shoulder was pretty bad - I had 10+ locations in 5 years, almost all from racing. I had four procedures done: anterior and posterior stabilization, bankart repair, and an additional procedure to cover the area of the humerus where i had bone loss from the dislocations, plus general cleanup. Here is my recovery process, maybe it will give you a sense of what you should expect. - I had a sling on for 8 weeks. - Eight weeks after surgery I started physical therapy. I had extremely limited range of motion and the PT was very painful. - It has taken me about two and half months to get my full range of motion back. I'm about 95% there. - Now I am just working on strengthening the shoulder. My doctor has told me all along that at three months I could start light activites, and at six months I should be ready to do moderate contact sports. Good luck in your recovery.
  4. I would say it was a REALLY strong statement considering DK bought the bike himself, had put very little time on it before the race, and was racing as a privateer. That's domination.
  5. this is kind of off topic, but i was under the impression that knight launched his bike off the finish jump that year because he won the endurox championship, not because he was pissed at taddy.
  6. LARider

    Need thoughts on 250sx

    i just sold an 05 250 sx. it was an awesome bike and i was bummed to have to sell it. i set mine up for off road only, so it had a 10oz FWW, skid plate, guards, revalved suspension, etc. before that i had a 300 exc, and i know each has his personal preference but i liked the 250 sx way better. it felt super light, even lighter than my old 300. the one thing i would say about it is that i think these bikes just work better for a more aggressive rider. if you just want to putt around on the trails, it's not the right choice. as far as power it had a nice mid range hit that made it a blast to ride. i put a FWW on mine to help with the stalling for the technical stuff i ride. as far a maintenance and reliability, it's a typical 2 stroke. make sure the air filter is clean and you're using a good pre-mix, watch the hours and replace the piston at reasonable intervals. i never had a problem with mine other than basic stuff that happens to any bike, and mine did take a lot of abuse because i was racing it.
  7. LARider

    Suspension Question

    One more plug for Trailtricks. Javier did some amazing work on my 250 SX. He's very thorough. Before he did anything to the bike we sat down and he asked me all about my riding style, how aggressive I am, etc. It was almost like a job interview. LOL. Then he set up my bike according to what I told him. I'm pretty sure he's one of the few KTM suspension techs out there who is using straight rate springs. He seems to have the KTMs dialed in, and he's pretty affordable as well.
  8. LARider

    2009 Ktm 250sx

    I race my 05 250SX on 91 octane pump gas and have never had a problem.
  9. LARider

    06 ktm 250 sx

    i have an 05 250 SX, which is pretty close to the 06. major changes came in 07. i set my bike up for offroad racing. it has a 10oz flywheel weight and revalved suspension with new springs and a skid plate. that's about all i've done to it. the bike is awesome! the motor is really strong, with good low end and it pulls to the moon. it had a bit of a hit, but not more than any other 250 2 stroke. you can tone it down with a flywheel weight. i have done some forest and woods riding with mine. it's good as long as you ride it fairly aggressively. in the really tight stuff you notice the limitation with the close ratio tranny. but any 250 2 stroke will have that issue. i don't agree that these bikes aren't as good as other 250 2 strokes. IMO they are much better. but i'm biased toward the ktms.
  10. LARider

    250 or 300?

    what kind of a rider are you? if you're more aggressive the 250 might work better because it won't tire you out as much. it's a perfect amount of power IMO. the 300 can be a handful when you're really on the pipe. i know this because i used to race a 300 exc. it was a lot of power after 2 hours when i was getting tired. if you're a lazier rider you'll probably like the 300 because you can lug it around all day and it's happy. i think it's a good bike for guys who like to ride a gear higher, lugging the engine like a four stroke. since you race i think the biggest question is what class you want to run. the 300 is an open bike. i got my 250 because i wanted to compete against other 250 2 strokes, as opposed to running against big bore 4 strokes.
  11. LARider

    Which year is the best 250 sx?

    any year is going to be great IMO. i mostly race an '05 250 and the bike is awesome. nice low end and it pulls to the moon. i'm not feeling any need to upgrade at this point. i have also ridden an '07 and it was really nice. the motor was smoother, with slightly less hit in the midrange. wish i had some experience with the new '09s.
  12. LARider

    What are the major differences? Sx vs. XC

    seems like you are wanting one bike for two very different purposes...woods riding and motocross. so the question is not so much which bike you choose but how you set it up. either way it's going to be strong in one area and not quite as good in another, unless you are a super aggressive rider and require a much stiffer susp. setup. i agree with the other comment to just look for a good deal.
  13. How about this one. A little expensive but looks like it's hardly been ridden. http://sacramento.craigslist.org/mcy/903646582.html Edit: I just noticed you were you from PA so that's probably not going to work. lol. http://allentown.craigslist.org/mcy/858356175.html
  14. LARider

    From Track to Trail 05 205sx What to do?

    I have the same bike and wanted to set mine up for desert racing. I put on a 10 oz FWW which helped a lot with stalling in the technical stuff. I might have even gone to an 11 as you can hardly tell any difference because the power is really aggressive when it comes on. The suspension was revalved and resprung, and I finally have it dialed in for off road. Plus I added a few other accessories...hand guards, skid plate, larger 2.9 gallon tank, GPR stabilizer.
  15. LARider

    01 EXC 300, oil in airbox?

    And an overly oiled filter would create the exact type of problem you are describing- poor low end response until the main jet comes on. Try taking off the filter and then either ride the bike up the street or put it on the stand and rev the throttle to see if the bog is still there. If it's not you've found your problem. If you squeeze your filter and oil oozes out you know it's been over oiled.