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  1. I am trying to get my XR6 going but I could really use a kickstand and a headlight. I have the number plate housing, but no light or brackets to hold the light. I am also open to aftermarket headlights that will attach and be easy to wire into the bike.
  2. MaxxTraxx

    XR6 wiring help

    I have one, it just doesn't have very good pictures.
  3. MaxxTraxx

    XR6 wiring help

    Basically, I've had the bike apart so long I don't fully remember what goes where and where it all routes. Some guidance with pictures would help. I believe the bike had a BD DS kit but I don't know if it is complete or not. I just need to get the wiring sorted out and I am riding again.
  4. MaxxTraxx

    1993 XR600R rebuild

    Hey Ove....I'm Maxx on that board. The Supertrapp sounds ok, but I will probably change to an FMF can. Already have stainless headers. Here is a recent pic of the CR.
  5. MaxxTraxx

    Any way to determine stator upgrades?

    ok....so upgrade time then. What is DC lights? Direct current? I want to run a Trail tech led headlight for sure, and led stops/turn signals. This is still a kickstart only dirtbike and will be plated, but mostly a weekend, ride to the trail/hooligan get into trouble toy. I dont want to run a battery.
  6. MaxxTraxx

    1993 XR600R rebuild

    It is a Supertrapp muffler, the PO painted it blue and a few other parts as well.
  7. Cool system, would be awesome to get stuff like this for my 90 CR or my 93 XR. -Redrcr31
  8. MaxxTraxx

    Any way to determine stator upgrades?

    What do you guys think? OEM stator or upgrade?
  9. MaxxTraxx

    1993 XR600R rebuild

    Looks awesome. I hope my 93 turns out as nice as yours. Mine is just a pile of parts at the moment.
  10. My new to me XR6 was dual sported at one point, but is missing the headlight assembly. It has a fancy metal bracket with baja designs cut out in cursive holding a rocker switch with a light in one end. I am assuming the bike has an upgraded stator, but I have no idea how to tell what it has. Any ideas?
  11. MaxxTraxx

    New XR600....need some help...

    Even with damage like this?? I think I need a new frame to fix it correctly.....
  12. MaxxTraxx

    'New' Bike- how'd I do?

    Very nice!!
  13. So I drove down to central Tx today and picked up my new to me 93 XR600r. Bike runs good, appears to have all the pieces. So far so good. While I was looking the bike over, I noticed it was missing the side stand...no big deal right? Wrong!! The sidestand had to have been ripped off the frame at one point, so now there is a very large hole where it used to attach. Any diffrence in frames 91-2000? I found a 95 frame on ebay, but at 300, it cost 200 less than what I paid for the bike. So far though, it is my only option. Bike pulls hard though. It has some kind of enging upgrades, but unsure what, the PO belives it is a big bore kit. Has extra wides fins on the head, It looks like they were welded on though.
  14. MaxxTraxx


    I am picking up a 93 XR6 this weekend. Can't wait to take her out for a spin.
  15. MaxxTraxx

    1996 CR125R

    I have an all black seat cover if you want. It isn't grippy but just a regular black cover that says Honda across the back, top side of the seat. Pay shipping and its yours. I also have a complete rear brake assembly if you are interested. PM me. Seat cover is this one...