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  1. I bought the polysport ignition cover and clutch cover for my 17 fe450. Clutch cover fit perfect. The ignition cover didn't. Just like mentioned previously, it wasn't "deep" enough. It listed my bike on the package as fitting. However, the FC450 was listed as well. The fe bikes have larger stators to accommodate the electronics not found on the fc's. Turns out polysport mislabeled these products. I actually emailed them and they are aware of the issue and I think they no longer list an ignition cover for the fe's. I'll probably order an ignition cover from acerbis.
  2. rockstarmx08

    2014 SXF Factory Edition III

    I got #76. Can't wait to ride it. "Super Pumped" as Dungey would say. Yeah I put the hand guards on myself. They didn't come with the bike. Ask the sale person if they have any extra laying around they can give you...worked for me. Never ran them before but grew to like them since they came on the 2013.5 FE. Here is the list of items that should come with the bike: If you didn't get a front brake disc guard on your bike you should have this sheet in your paperwork. Make sure you get it when the dealer gets it.
  3. rockstarmx08

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    So many nice looking bikes. I think my next one will have to be a Six Days. I just wish they would bring the 500 exc six days to the US. This is new to me as of 2 days ago.
  4. rockstarmx08

    2014 SXF Factory Edition III

    I'm in Washington too. Think I talked to you on craigslist...I had my 13.5 posted on there for a while. I sold it and just got my 14.5 two days ago. It was sunny all last week then, of course, the day I get the new bike it starts pouring. Let me know if you are ever on the west side and want to meet up. I just got my bike two days ago and it didn't have the cover. I asked the sales guy and he looked around. In the papers that KTM sends with the bikes there should be a sheet that says that item is back ordered. Talk your sales person and have them send it to you when they receive it.
  5. rockstarmx08

    2013 KTM 250SX all sold out!

    http://www.thumperta...st__p__10284579 Harryhandshake, Yeah, I was told $7100 at Hinshaw's Motorcycles in Auburn. I told the salesman I had the cash in my pocket to get one and wanted to know the price otd, that's when he said $8200. Oh, and he said I would be 3rd in line and they only had one 250sx coming in for sure. I started calling dealers in Oregon, Idaho, and California and I got my name on a couple lists. Not one dealer would budge on the $7100...NONE! They all said the same thing, "we are only going to get one and the demand for this bike is too great for us to negotiate the price." I just happend to get lucky and found one in Oregon that had a couple of demo hours on it. I got it Almost 2 months before I started getting calls back from all the dealers saying the 2013's are coming in. The main reason I wanted to get the bike out state is to avoid the sales tax. I'll ride this bike 90% of the time on the track where I don't need orv tags. I had to pay $140 title fee but that's it. I have an Oregon title. I will not have to pay taxes on it unless I register / license it in Washington. If you are planning on riding in state property or anywhere you need tabs then I don't think there is any way of getting around paying taxes because you have to pay taxes when you register it in the state. Oh, my ad on craigslist got flagged so I decided not to repost it. So... I got some new graphics for it. They're pretty close to the ones Dungey has. Oh, and congrats on your bike!
  6. rockstarmx08

    2013 KTM 250SX all sold out!

    I have one for sale in washington state. http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/mcy/3275953561.html Good bike, just selling because I could use the extra money. If it doesn't sell in a couple of days I'll keep it. The ad says that I'll consider trades but i'm really just looking for cash.