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  1. Are day-glo colors coming back, or is it still the 80s? His chain looks to loose to be doing that insane "electric death" trick.
  2. MXpert540

    KTM mini adventure price (used)

    found an 05, lightly used with new tires and FMF fatty, $1100. Bike is in great shape, is this a decent price?
  3. MXpert540

    Chevy/GMC power windows..

    I have an Envoy that had a slow back window, it eventually quit ( in the down position) and had to have the motor replaced. Sure am glad I got the extended warranty, $800 repair cost me $100 plus tax
  4. MXpert540

    What do your kids ride?

    my 5 yr. old is on an XR50. My soon to be 2 yr. old is trying to learn throttle control on the same 50, he rides with me. I'm thinking a JR 50 would be a good learner bike for the 2 yr old, or maybe I'm to excited to get him a bike. My 5 yr. old learned on the XR but he is pretty big for his age.
  5. MXpert540

    09 Ride Report - Detailed

    You know, with a report this good, a lot of people will soon be going into debt. Great report! I guess I'd better head to the Honda shop:thumbsup:
  6. MXpert540

    Post pics of your CR's

    Holy crap, thats a nice 500. What year, '85? Whatever you paid it was worth it:thumbsup:
  7. MXpert540


    I had a quote for my box van of $3000, to much for me!
  8. MXpert540

    Pro Circuit works pipe rusting

    try steel wool, don't paint it black, the works pipe look great. Do a search on PC works pipes, some people have used hi-temp sealer (aerosol can) with good rust inhibiting results
  9. MXpert540

    09 Availability ?

    What dealer are you going through? PM if you want to, after seeing the new 450, I'm heading to my dealer in Independence,MO if I can't find a closer, better deal
  10. MXpert540

    VP Racing Fuel Questions

    I just had to buy some C-12 for this weekend, $10 per gallon:crazy: My CR250 won't run on pump cause of the motor work. I am thinking I need a new 09 CRF450 so I can use cheaper gas:smirk:
  11. MXpert540

    2009 Release date....

    JRM, I haven't seen that article. If Honda comes out with this technology, bye bye thumper, for the old-school riders anyway. Long live the 2-smokers:thumbsup:
  12. MXpert540

    2009 Release date....

    I think Honda is releasing the 09 CR250, two-stroke, with e-start, FI, new frame,Kayaba, and a 300cc big bore option..............that would be worth waiting till mid Sept to see!!!
  13. MXpert540

    PW50 vs. JR50

    [ may i ask is this bike going to be for trail/play riding or are you planning on hitting any races? It is going to be a learning bike but very possible turn to a racer. My 5 yr. old has taken over my XR50, so I'm looking for something for my soon to be 2 yr. old. I'm sure I'll need so mod tips in the future. I hope to go check this JR out this next weekend, if its not sold.
  14. MXpert540

    PW50 vs. JR50

    Thanks for the quick replies! I think I'll look at a JR, 02 with newer top end, looks good in the pics, asking $500. Is that a fair price?