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  1. i apriciate all of your guy's help. since we are already here i got another question for ya. just got and installed a trail tech vapor speedo/tack/water temp guage. looking at my idle speed and i think that i should bring it up a bit. its running at about 1400rpm. i've seen on some of the forums that some people are running there's at around 1800-2100. that seems a little high to me. is that best or is it just a personal preference?
  2. thanks for the advice. i never thought of that little fact. if there is even a small chance of that happening then i'm not going to risk it. i'll just leave the lights alone and ride the damn thing. no but seriously, i apriciate the imfo and will leave them the way they are. thanks, josh
  3. wouldn't the battery charge easier and faster if they weren't on all the time?
  4. J_Mayday86

    04 WR450F Headlight Switch?

    I didn't even know that any of them even had a switch. i was trying to figure out a way to wire a on-off switch to mine so i didn't have to have my lights on all the time. if they sell a switch then problem solved. mine's a 04 wr450f. does it just plug in?
  5. so im not liking the fact that my lights are on all the time wile the bike is running. i am trying to wire in a switch so that if it's getting dark i can turn them on but, during the day i can switch them off. the headlight is easy to get to the wiring for the switch, but the tail light is a different story. if im following my wires right, it never comes upto the front where i can tie into it easy. hoping that somebody has a better idea on how to go about it rather than having to run wires from under my gas tank (for the tail light) upto the switch. is there any wires for the tail light up front? Has anybody else tried to do this? hoping you guys can help. THANKS!!!!
  6. J_Mayday86

    Busted Header on '06 WR450

    i'm looking for one myself. i bent mine for the second time. i am trying to decide witch one to get. i thought that getting an fmf mega bomb would be a good idea cause i can get it in titanium. stronger metal shouldn't bend as easy right?
  7. J_Mayday86

    Can't get rid of decel. popping!

    so william 1, isn't there a good way to bypass or dissable the acv? is it going to help with the problem if i do and is it bad for the bike? i know absolutly nothing about acv.
  8. J_Mayday86

    Can't get rid of decel. popping!

    yeah i was alittle confused about that too. one guy at the bike shop said it was a rich pop and one guy said it was a lean pop. i am going with its a lean pop. not sure the first guy knew much about what he was talking about.
  9. J_Mayday86

    Can't get rid of decel. popping!

    i drained all the gas when i first had the problem. but i will check slide and replace piolet jet. i appreciate the ideas and will get back to you guys when i've gave it a shot.
  10. J_Mayday86

    Can't get rid of decel. popping!

    I kinda have the same problem. My 04 wr450f always has popped on decel. This year i let it sit for like four months and when i started it it ran horrible. so i took the carb off and cleaned it thinking that it had gummed up a bit. when i put it back togeather it was popping way worse than it ever has. i took it into a local bike shop and had them look at the carb. they cleaned it and swapped out my main jet saying that it was oversized and that was my problem and put a stock size back in. that didn't fix the problem so they checked the cdi box, tps, valves and timing chain and said that the only thing that they could come up with is that it must be because there is a dent in my header pipe. that doesn't make any sence to me cause that dent has been on there the entire time that i have had the bike and the problem has just started since i took it apart. i checked to make sure that there wasn't a air leak in the boot between the carb and head. there's not. i'm out of idea's. maybe you guys have one. the only thing that i could come up with is that maybe there is a plugged jet that they didn't see?