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  1. stolidog

    David @ Mikes Sky Ranch

    RIP Sir A Good Man Indeed.
  2. stolidog

    Looking California feeling like Minnesota:

    Dungey is grooming Marvin to be a champ. Ryan has proven himself and is still fast, but after his back injury last, knows he nothing to prove. Look how he left Marvin pass this last weekend.
  3. stolidog

    Funniest thing about last night

    The Funniest thing was that special with both Tomacs talking about Heart Rate, lactic acid etc. And the kid faded bad. Cocky Kid.
  4. stolidog

    Dakar 2017

    Same in BAJA / Score racing. Just buy a Million Dollar truck and race with no skills.
  5. stolidog

    Dakar 2017

    Ricky Brabec, Calif. Desert Racer
  6. stolidog

    Mikes peak hill climb

    Any Results anywhere ?
  7. stolidog

    Long races

    And have super cool graphics on the bike.
  8. stolidog

    Long races

    Talk to Tim Morten at Baja bound. He has programs that will take care of all your needs. Fatigue is the biggest issue you will face, Race pace is critical and Tim can educate you on that. Reach out to him an also Anna Cody. I raced the 1000 on a team one year that she soloed, Was amazed at what she was able to do. You will stop and eat, possibly take a nap or two.
  9. stolidog

    BAJA 500

    DAMM Tim !! So Glad you are OK. The Cars thing was always in the back of mind when riding / racing BAJA. Hope shoulder is OK, Mine is still healing after surgery two years ago.
  10. stolidog

    BAJA 500

    RIP I had the honor of knowing this young man. GODSPEED
  11. stolidog

    BAJA 500

    Anyone have any updates ? All Race Dezert has is Truck info. Read some crazy stuff over there.
  12. stolidog

    WTB 1983-83 Husky

    Thanks, Looking for air cooled twin shock 81-83
  13. stolidog

    Went to Vegas SX, met Chad Reed

    Should have kicked him in the balls and Boned his wife.
  14. stolidog

    WTB 1983-83 Husky

    Looking for a 1982-83 Husky Prefer a 250cr Anyone know of one for sale?? Thank You
  15. Suicide is a &%$#@! Move. &%$#@! Him. His Family will be Haunted forever by his cowardly move. We all have issues.