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  1. jussenuf

    2019 Beta 125 RR-S Dual Sport - First Look

    Just looked, and TT store has the HiFlo filter, price $4.73. Art
  2. jussenuf

    2019 Beta 125 RR-S Dual Sport - First Look

    The Engine shares heritage with the WR125 and that filter is common to several Yamaha WR's. HiFlo also does list the Beta 125 in their on line site lookup page and their filter # is HF 141. Available at most any motorcycle shop and of course on line. Art
  3. jussenuf

    2019 Beta 125 RR-S Dual Sport - First Look

    Yes the front brake still takes a strong pull, but it is just right for loose traction off pavement and trail riding. Art
  4. jussenuf

    2019 Beta 125 RR-S Dual Sport - First Look

    Sprocketcenter, has the DiD VX2 in a 140 length for $103 and Dennis Kirk sells the JT Xring chain in a 142 length. I have never used JT chain for less $. Art
  5. jussenuf

    2019 Beta 125 RR-S Dual Sport - First Look

    Cost of the 125 RR-S $4995, add $1000 to $1500. Will buy a good used bigger engine Beta or KTM. Why did I buy the 125 RR-S? I got in a few miles ride on a friends KTM 500 EXC. The foot peg to bar spec's were perfect for me. On the pegs, shifting, braking just fit. No feeling like standing on an edge like with my DR-Z or XR, arm staining with acceleration and going over the bars with braking. Really wanted that KTM, but sure did not need the race motor, or the $10,000 price tag. So along comes the Beta 125 RR-S. When you look at the Beta machines, the 125 RR-S, is just a bit smaller, but shares a great deal with it's bigger plated racers. With riding the 125 RR-S, the frame dimensions that work for me are there. On the pegs in the trails it works. It's got the gearing to work well with the small engine. Art
  6. jussenuf

    2019 Beta 125 RR-S Dual Sport - First Look

    If you feel the need for more engine and suspension that the 125 RR-S comes with you're probably better off with a used plated dual-sport from Beta or KTM in the bigger displacement, and the dollar invested may be the same. Art
  7. jussenuf

    2019 Beta 125 RR-S Dual Sport - First Look

    Not that I recall. Honda, Yamaha 125's, maybe but no, Hodaka then, no, Not really anything from Europe. The Japanese made lots of small machines, none brought to the US in the last 20 years or so, hence the origin for the Beta 4 valve motor. Not many of us want this small displacement dual-sport. Some choices from Yamaha and Honda for 200 cc plus size machines, and they all weigh a lot more if they have a license plate from the showroom. Next step up is another $4000 and you get a lot more machine. But some of us do not need more suspension and HP. I never looked back and wished for a Yamaha XT 250, or one of the other 250 class dual-sport out there. Art
  8. jussenuf

    Why Beta

    The Beta 125 RR-S thread is buried deep, so thought I would post here, rather than start a new thread. Just got an update from BetaUSA that the 2019 model is available this March. The changes are few, but I like the red frame and black cases and color choices. Just a few other changes, which if one doesn't own a prior year you would not notice. The 125 engine is said unchanged, which in my mind is good. Big item is price is unchanged. If you really want to get the best small displacement, true dual-sport it has no other competition from other brands. Every time I get it out it gives me what I want for my style of dual-sport riding. Art
  9. jussenuf

    What to wear for beta trials demo ruls

    Work boots or good hikers will work better than stiff motocross boots. Art
  10. jussenuf

    Getting a 2011 gas gas 280

    Last year was wet, so even to watch best to have mud boots and warm rain gear. They had a big bonfire going and made for a good day with the group. Art
  11. jussenuf

    Getting a 2011 gas gas 280

    Just got a Contact 250 here. Spent a couple garage days checking it out. Best way to access the shock is to remove the rear section. Super easy, loosen four fasteners and the carb boot clamp. One electric connector and slips right off. Manual downloads for the machines can be found on the Gasgas website. Also the Puget Sound Trialers has a great club and great way to get into the area trials riding. First event is this coming Feb 2, in Poulsbo. Art
  12. jussenuf

    2017 Beta 125 rr-s smog delete

    Actually removing the piece from the mid-pipe has nothing to do with the smog system. It is there as a less technical piece like Yamaha uses, the exhaust valve and servo unit, to boost low and midrange power at the lower rpm. It probable does reduce high rpm flow in that the Yamaha valve turns and does not reduce as much flow. Art
  13. The amount of oil in the fuel affects the jetting, and not in the way many people think. More oil makes for leaner mix, less oil makes for a richer mix. Rich and lean are in reference to fuel and air ratios. Oil in the mix replaces an amount of fuel in the fuel air ratio. It is not considered part of the ideal combustion ratio. The manufacturer takes this all into consideration when they give a recommendation of say a 2% mixture for their stock jetting. This is always the place to start in getting your machine running like you want it to run. That's why at times running a 100 to 1 oil fuel mix in jetting that has a recommended 50 to 1 oil fuel mix will produce a rich mixture which produces unburned fuel in the exhaust and the oil sponge in the exhaust.
  14. Get the plug looking right first, and if having a lot of sponge, look for a lower flashpoint oil. Art
  15. jussenuf

    Beta 125 rr-s tell me about them

    Should also add, that I don't do highways where the 55 to 65 is the expected norm. It gets loaded in the truck for paved miles to the forest roads and trails I ride. It is not straining to maintain 50 but that doesn't cut it most of the time for most highways. Also the 80 to 90+ mpg gives an acceptable range. Art