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  1. OregonTrail

    Oregon Fugawe Dual Sport

    The MRA is once again putting on the CycleBuy.com Fugawe Dual Sport Sept 22nd & 23rd along with a wine tour for those who do not ride. http://www.motorcycl...ssociation.org/
  2. OregonTrail

    Help! cant find graphics of plastics!

    Try this place http://motoplasticsus.com/
  3. OregonTrail

    TM Designworks Timber Mountain Harescrambles

    Weather looking good for the race! Three 25 mile laps too!
  4. Go to http://www.motorcycl...ssociation.org/ for more information.
  5. For more info go to http://www.motorcycl...ssociation.org/
  6. OregonTrail

    How many atc owners are out there?

    We have 2 ...... .
  7. OregonTrail

    Southern Oregon Dual Sporting

    If you're looking for riding in Southern Oregon (Medford, Jacksonville area) we can give you the GPS course of the Dual Sport from last year to ride. http://www.motorcycleridersassociation.org/
  8. OregonTrail

    Who has the cheapest battery?

    AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat Watch buying a battery off Ebay, you don't know how long they have been sitting around. I run a tender and get 4 years easy out of mine. Over time the batteries loose their capacity just like any rechargable, they may still have 12 volts but loose cold cranking amps.
  9. OregonTrail

    07 tc450 good deal?

    I have an 07 TC450 that I set up for the woods; guards, tank, Rekluse, fan, Up-Tite 'Y', electric start, etc. The 2007 had a tendency to break kick starter shafts but there is an upgrade. Looks like some add-ons too; 7602 carb hoses & clutch res cover, front disk cover, rad guards, chain guide and skid plate. If you like having a bike that's a little different from the rest and you want a bike for desert or woods, the price is right, I like mine. I got my 07 in late 08 used for $2800 and was a deal then. I'd pay $1600 for that!
  10. OregonTrail

    Mandatory Oregon OHV Hands-On Training for Youth

    The Youth Rider Evaluation is not a 'training' class, it's kinda like the riding part you did to get your street endorsment. There's some quick 'rules' they go over, rider fit and maybe 2 minutes on the bikes, cost was $20 per kid for class III, not sure about class I. http://www.omraoffroad.com/omra_YSEP.htm
  11. OregonTrail

    Oregon ORV Hands On Rider Training Requirement

    Motorcycle evaluation will be done by local motorcycle associations and ATV are going to be handled by 4H (it's what we've been told). I know cost is $20 for the motorcycle evaluation not sure about ATV. http://www.omraoffroad.com/omra_YSEP.htm
  12. OregonTrail

    Cyclebuy.com Fugawe Dual Sport

    Looks like close to 150 miles of some great trails and roads in Southern Oregon; stream crossings, fire roads, lookout towers and a wine tour for the ladies! http://www.motorcycleridersassociation.org/2011FDS/dualsportflyr2011.pdf
  13. OregonTrail

    Cyclebuy.com Fugawe Dual Sport

    Video of some the course. http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1746775049709
  14. Wine Tour info: Just a reminder to all the ladies out there. We will be having a wine tour on Saturday September 17th while the guys are out doing the event. Please contact me if you are interested in joining us on the wine tour. I need an approximate head count so I can rent a vehicle to drive us around. Please email me at abbievm@hotmail.com I look forward to seeing you there! Abbie Caruso
  15. OregonTrail

    Prospect OHV

    My wife likes riding there since all the trails are pretty easy and well marked. We end up going about 3 times a year because of the short season. Definetly wash your airfilter after every ride there. Great beginner riding area!