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  1. chainsuk

    Supermoto wheel problem

    Got a set of wheels from East coast with Talon hubs. The rear hub denter bushing is about .100 larger than the DRZ axle and the outer bushings maybe .200 larger. Anybody ever have this? I called Jeff at EC and am waiting to hear from him. The DRZ axle is about .780 or so and the hole in the hub bushing is about .880 and the axle flops all over the place.
  2. chainsuk

    Anyone need a front 17" wheel?

    Just posted under supermoto parts for sale.
  3. chainsuk

    Need supermoto parts?

    Just posted some supermoto stuff in the classifieds.
  4. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=204307
  5. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=204307
  6. chainsuk

    anyone running a cut down seat ?

    I dut mine down to about the same size as the gel. It is a brick. Bought a Corbin after I bought the gel.
  7. chainsuk

    Low Gel Seat - huge improvement! (pic)

    The gel seat is good except my back is screwed and I need the support from a wider seat when I actually do sit on it. The narrow one and "toughness" of the gel irritate the already smashed discs from too mayy years of fun. I don't know how to post pics of the Corbin but can email them to someone if they ping me at eyedragaknee@yahoo.com and maybe they can post them.I like the gel way better than the stock one BTW. j
  8. chainsuk

    Low Gel Seat - huge improvement! (pic)

    Just got a Corbin. Better for my low back for the width. Not exactly "pretty". Gel for sale if someone needs one. Has 3 rides on it.
  9. chainsuk

    Corbin seat doesn't fit

    I got mine today and it fit like a glove and actually better than the suzuki gel seat. I have the Clarke tank too? Maybe the new batch is different. I've always had good luck ordering form the guys in Daytona. The black carbon cover looks great too. My 2 cents
  10. chainsuk

    Corbin seat doesn't fit

    JUst got mine. Haven't opened the box yet. The guy on the phone said the rear tabs were adjustable for that reason. I got the seat about a week faster than they promised too. I've never had a problem with them ever. I'll post as to how mine fits as soon as I get to it???
  11. chainsuk

    OT: help me build a bike

    Building a bike like that is a huge effort. I'd suggest buying something already running and then strip it down to something that "looks" like what you want. Getting the suspension geometry to actually work and then the engine fitting and the electricals etc...You need a machine shop and weld shop as well. I highly encourage you to do something creative, but going that route is huge $$$$ and usually disappionting. Do a search on street tracker or flat tracker and check some of the finds on those sites and even Evil bay in the "others" section of the motorcycles. Some of the single cylinders seem to be the "look" that you showed on the link with the upright bars and 18" wheels. Just some suggestions and maybe get some good ideas from there. Good luck. joe
  12. look good fall off bubbles from the gas comes through and eats the vinyl in most cases(at least mine)
  13. chainsuk

    Corbin seat anyone?

    I talked to Corbin in Daytona and they supposedly are unaware of any problems. I'm going to give it a shot and see. I also told them to maybe review some of the comments here and other sites and respond accordingly. I'll definitely post results here.
  14. chainsuk

    Boredom induced graphics

    Nice stuff. I had the same idea and went ahead and printed and laminated on heavy vinyl like you are talking. Looked awesome for about 2 days till the gas vapors started coming through the plastic tank. The guys doing the perforated material are onto something. You probably already knew that though, but if not maybe save you some grief.