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  1. RK-REX

    Bent Forks - Unbelivable Results

    Here's something to think about concerning straightening shafts and the like. Almost very ball screw that actuates the flight controls on commercial/military jets, (Flaps, ailerons, slats, stabilizers, etc...) are each straightened several times throughout the manufacturing process.
  2. Old bikes are always an adventure and I guarantee that if you do another, you'll learn something new. Oh and yeah, it's a pretty safe bet that you will see stripped threads and/or broken bolts.
  3. Most likely what happened is the aluminum threads in the case corroded to the steel stud. When you turned it, you tore/twisted some of the threads themselves and not the bolt. They bound up and caused the stud to break. Probably the easiest way to get it out now would be to take it to a machine shop and have it drilled. Most engine shops will do it for 15 or 20 bucks. You can try it yourself, but you need to be sure that you drill as close to center as possible so you don't take any extra material away from the case. If you are off center, use progressively larger bits until you are just cutting through the threads on one side. Then you may be able to use a punch to collapse the remaining shell of the stud and get it out. Think two circles that are not quite centered on one another. Then you can run a tap into the hole and might salvage your threads. It's a gamble, but it might save having to use a thread insert. If the threads are toast, then use a Keensert or Helicoil to repair the thread.
  4. RK-REX

    Michigan Harescramble 2019

    I think I'll get Nicholas and I AMA memberships for Christmas so we can try a race or two next year. Sounds like they are a lot of fun.
  5. RK-REX

    Michigan Harescramble 2019

    Me too, about 4 or 5 years ago. I miss them for a little bit every year, but not the cost. I kept my gear, now if I want to ride, I will just rent one. Haven't yet, but with my boy getting older, it might be a fun weekend trip.
  6. RK-REX

    Riding During Deer Hunting Season

    Yup, everyday from the 15th-30th of November. Other seasons after and before, but bow and muzzleloader. Much less hunting pressure.
  7. RK-REX

    Riding During Deer Hunting Season

    I agree, that could be the case, especially if deer are used to hearing the occasional bike, they won't spook, just wander away. The thing that scares me is the slight chance, albeit very slight, that some dumb ass might try to "scare" me and actually end up hitting me or my bike. There are a lot of people out there that ain't quite right if you know what I mean.
  8. RK-REX

    New Rider in SE Michigan

    Nah, there are some parts that are pretty much for trucks and jeeps only, but only because of the depth of the mud/water. There is a nice jeep rock garden that you can use to hone your skills on if that's your thing. Plenty of trails that are quad width, lots up short hills and tight turns. There is a spot with some technical bike stuff, but I didn't run it because Nicholas wasn't up to that level yet on a full sized bike. I think the rain on the logs and rocks may have scared him off a little, but eventually he'll do it I'm sure. The scramble area is good to practice ridding in sand. Since you're a resident, it's like $10 for a day pass. I'd go really early morning or later afternoon on the weekends to avoid more people. We hardly saw other riders when we were there, but it was a little rainy and 40 some degrees, so that keeps a lot of bikes at home. It's a good time for what it is.
  9. Ruh Roh…. Welcome to the world of old motorcycles my friend.
  10. RK-REX

    Michigan Harescramble 2019

    I've been seeing quite a few used boots on facebook marketplace lately. Some of them in really nice shape. I used to have a hangup about wearing other peoples footwear, but a good fogging with Lysol and you're good to go. Plus they are broke in already. I've always had second hand boots, hand me downs and cast offs, so not until I was 47 years old did I realize that MX boots are a pain in the arse to break in. They're comfy, but stiff as hell. Maybe I'll go hiking in them.
  11. RK-REX

    Riding During Deer Hunting Season

    Could always go to an ORV park just to get rid of the itch. Depending on where you are located, might be one close by and you can ride all day. We went to The Mounds in Mt. Morris a couple weekends back just to get some seat time. It's not like the Northern single track, but it's riding.
  12. RK-REX

    Riding During Deer Hunting Season

    If it were me, I'd just wait until season is over. Hunters get 2 weeks to hunt, we have 50 other weeks to ride. I used to hunt everyday growing up back home, so I'm not taking sides, just offering my opinion. I no longer hunt, so no dog in the fight. We like to ride, some guys only hunt, that's their thing. Why chance ruining it for them? Plus, I never felt safe on state land when I hunted and that was just sitting or slowly wandering. I'd feel like a lot more nervous on a bike.
  13. RK-REX

    Michigan Harescramble 2019

    Picked up a pair of Alpinestars Tech 5s earlier this year at Riders in Saginaw. Can't remember exactly what I paid, but it was cheaper than anyone on the net. I went with them because I have big calves. Very comfy boots and not even broke in yet.
  14. RK-REX

    Michigan Harescramble 2019

    I'm about a half hour west of Flint. We need to keep each other updated if any of us are going to do something like this next season. I'd love to try it and I'm sure my boy would as well. It would be pretty cool to get a group of first timers out there together.
  15. I've often wondered the same thing. I don't wear one, never have, but I did buy one for my 13 year old. EVS, can't remember the model, but it was around $100 if I remember right.