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  1. I shoot long range often and this guy pisses me off. its a matter of time he sends one down range and someone will come around the corner and get hit. that road looks like its traveled on often. I would turn his dumbass in. now this is just me but if someone was shooting over my house I would be pissed. he might be minus a tire or back window... that is if the sheriffs dept didn't do anything about it. infact, pm me and ill call it in for you...
  2. another time was at ypg and me and another guy accidently found our way into an old 3.5" rocket impact area with MANY unexploded HE heads all over the place. that was fun trying to not run over anything. come across cluster bombs, anti tank rounds from ww2. watched multi million dollar uav's crash watched a harrier go down into a neighborhood and blow up. it landed in a pool which is why the houses didn't get all that damaged. watched cobras almost collide in flight. watched cobras completely level an entire area where Iraqis were. very motivational. seen full grown men shit their pants while running in formation. hey, if you got to go, you got to go. they ran in the back after that. seen people pass out in formations and knock out their front teeth. very funny if you ask me...
  3. when I was in the marines, while going to one of my schools, we were running in formation in the forest and found a guy that hung himself. ill never forget the smell. in Iraq in 2003, al kut, we were driving through a field to get to the next road and the next day EOD was blowing up land mines where we drove through. when I was working at ypg, I found an old cowboy spur. I always come across snakes, wild burros and every now and then wild horses here in yuma
  4. the only way you can attach a trailer to a trailer is if the first trailer is a 5th wheel and both cant go over a certain amount of feet...
  5. if we got a ktm it would be mine...
  6. danthman

    Broken mounting hole on XR650L seat

    this. harbor freight even sells the "welder" for doing it. what you can also do is file the opening out and fill the whole thing with apoxy and drill a new hole. don't know how long it will last tho...
  7. danthman

    7 ounces/100 miles

    additives foul plugs edit* I should have said the leave deposites on plugs
  8. danthman

    7 ounces/100 miles

    do you run additives in the gas?
  9. danthman

    XRL650L,NX250/650,Transalp CDI REPAIR

    if it works, cool. have you thought about hot glue? different manufactures use the stuff on circuit boards to attach other components. cool thing about it is if you ever need to repair anything, you can use a heatgun to soften it up and it will peel right off.
  10. danthman

    XRL650L,NX250/650,Transalp CDI REPAIR

    you do know that silicone is a semi conductor right?
  11. hows this for a riding buddy?
  12. danthman

    2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport has been announced!

    just like any other new flavor the price will come down in a few years... hopefully...
  13. danthman

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

  14. danthman

    Who knows the trails up in the Mammoth area?

    look up the sneakers mc. they are a local club from bishop, ca. they know ALL the trails, even the ones the forest circus closed. I'm sure they have some maps and gps downloads for you...
  15. ca doesn't recognize an az plate as being street legal. if it was designed as dirt only, thats what it will be in ca regardless of plate. I was harassed in bishop in my teryx that is 100% street legal in az. the cop let me off but told me keep it off the street...