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  1. Stryker43


    I called Yosh and they said they only sell the device to reprogram it and that they do not do remap the ECM themselves. Is there another division besides yoshimura-rd.com that does it?
  2. Stryker43


    What is the site for EVO?
  3. Stryker43


    I added a full Yosh RS-4 stainless. A couple of first idle minutes on the stand after the install the header was glowing red. Yosh said it is because the bike is too lean. Anyone have any experience with that? Do I need to get it reprogrammed and if so who should I send the box to? Thanks!
  4. Stryker43

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    Where you do guys get the yellow rims (not gold)??
  5. Stryker43


    I finally had RG3 do my suspension and love it. Next is I want to increase the low to mid range power on the bike but keep the same sprocket size. Any suggestions on the best way to get more grunt out of my 2010 RMZ450? Thanks!
  6. Stryker43

    Got my new exhaust!

    I've surfed through the pervious posts about getting a new pipe for my 2010 RMZ450. I don't want overrev or top end like the older models are looking for, I'm more interested in low to mid power. I've also seen that there is discussion about quality but I can't really see any discussion which pipe adds where to the power. I want more umph when I crack the throttle. Can anyone recommend a low to mid range pipe/slip on for the 2010.
  7. Stryker43

    What have you done to your RMZ lately???

    What do you guys recommend for a pipe for better low to mid power for a 2010 RMZ450? I'm waiting on my suspension to get back from RG3... :-)
  8. Stryker43

    2010 rmz 450 question!?

    I went from a 2008 CRF450R to the 2010 RMZ450 -- LOVE IT!
  9. This same thing happens with my 2010 RMZ450 sometimes. Instead of pushing down on it I just kick the level to the rear with the back of my boot then I'm able to kick over normal again.
  10. Stryker43

    KTM Mini Adventure Pipe Question

    I'm must looking for a little more pep out of of the bike and am wondering if the pipe will do it (without replacing the carb).
  11. Stryker43

    KTM Mini Adventure Pipe Question

    Do you have to switch the carb to run the pipe?
  12. Stryker43

    KTM Mini Adventure Pipe Question

    Will the SX JR pipe fit on the Mini Adventure? If not does anyone know if any pipes and silencers from other models will fit on the mini adventure?? Thanks!
  13. Stryker43

    Spark Plug Help

    07 and I removed everything but the top of the actual frame is right over the the plug so I can't figure out how to get the socket on the plug because of the frame.
  14. Stryker43

    Spark Plug Help

    I just picked up a 07 KTM mini adventure for my daughter. I went to change the spark plug and can not figure out how to get the plug out with the top of the frame in the way for the socket. I'm new to KTM so is there some trick? Thanks!
  15. Stryker43

    Sorrento Closed?

    Dang, that sucks! I do hope they change the jumps a bit when it reopens. The place has a ton of potential! The peaks just above the table top faces are the worst on the first track. They break down during the day (push in like a bit of a step and get rutted). Just make the table tops normal and they would be great. Also the tapered off landings for the jumps make for some flat landings, again normal table tops would be great. Just a suggestion not bashing!