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  1. That combo from walmart is great. I use it on the KTM and on the MTB
  2. 87XR250R

    What do TRAIL riders wear?

    I wear everything but elbows. Trails only. Trees, stumps, and rocks be scary yo. Being wrapped in plastic is whats up. Looking to upgrade my knees and considering elbows.
  3. They are through holes next time one gets stuck take them off and drill the other direction with a small bit and work your way up. It will unthread the screw if the bit catches a bit. Exactly how a left hand bit works. Just another arrow for you effff this quiver.
  4. I replaced one of the bulbs in mine with a bulb with the same markings at Walmart. It was black Friday and there were a bunch of people qued up on that isle I had to excuse me though so it really sticks in my mind. Pretty sure it was the bottom one, it's a standard automotive fog light bulb.
  5. 87XR250R

    Tell me about the 400ex dirt bike

    KTM used to make 400 EXCs. Try adding the C in your search.
  6. 87XR250R

    Spilled Brake Fluid on Plastic

    I would use a rag with some brake clean sprayed on it.
  7. Two spoons and a valve stem puller througher. And a little carpet square.
  8. 87XR250R

    2004 rm 125 best gearing for wheelies

    First step is to figure out current gearing....
  9. 87XR250R

    Bent Shifter prevention

    The kdx might do the loops right but the stock shifter is made of bubblegum.
  10. 87XR250R

    Help, metall in the oil

    Engine covers need to start coming off. That is a serious amount of failure coming out with that screen.
  11. They are stiff and hard to work with. Especially if you have to mess with them in the cold. The more supple natural rubber of the brands I mentioned is worth the 5 or 6 dollar premium. There was also a rash of them failing being posted here a month or two ago. I personally had a brand new one leak where the valve stem met tube. Super annoying.
  12. 87XR250R

    Where to buy tank for KTM EXC 07?

    I wish my bikes tank was orange. Black tanks are sucky. Can't see your fuel level ever.
  13. Those tubes suck. Go Bridgestone or Michlien.
  14. Amsoil Saber has been used in MX bikes forever. Slavens Racing even sells it for moto use. It is a power equipment oil. It is as good as any other oil. I'm in the oil is oil camp, straight 30wt cut at 32 to one would be fine, hell it used to be the standard.
  15. Love me some amsoil saber.