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  1. ohgood

    DRZ400 weight by year?

    i don't own a ktm, but I'm also not a brand loyalist 😉 i used a search engine to find this... ktm 250 lbs dry (let's add 12 lbs for two gallons of fuel)= 262 drz400 320 lbs wet, let's subtract 12 lbs for two gallons... 308 - 262 = 46 lbs difference. dang it i was wrong. 😞 it's not gift pounds after all 😞 drz hp stock 35 ktm hp stock 50-57 depending on fueling i guess that eight and power difference might be noticable tho 😉 ya, i own two drzs , but i know a better bike when i ride it
  2. ohgood

    DRZ400 weight by year?

    ktm 500 50 lbs less 50 hp I'm not a brand loyalist.
  3. this. it's an extremely easy way to show, teach, and gain understanding of how things work together.
  4. split the cases on an old blown up two stroke. you'll learn more in a morning than all of YouTube.
  5. ohgood

    Oil sight glass?

    check the oil each time you stop for fuel, and at the end of the ride when you take off your boots..... you'll know it's good for the next ride
  6. ohgood

    KDX Frankenbike Restoration (Pictures)

    do you still own this?
  7. ohgood

    Tracking bikes in woods racing

    all of those keychain sized things are pointlessly useless. here's why: they user Bluetooth to talk to phones/tablets they don't have gps antennas(so they can't get good coordinates on themselves) they don't have cellular antennas (so they can't phone home to you where they are) battery life: well, when it's dead you toss it
  8. I've given up on YouTube ever looking good. i can upload in 1080 60, or 480 30, and it's hardly ever a difference. some videos look crisp, others look like potato, no rhyme or reason. if I've video magically looks decent, I'm always surprised
  9. ohgood

    CBR300R Crank Install

    ohhhhhh, I'm sorry that's totally different than what i expected to see.
  10. ohgood

    CBR300R Crank Install

    please see the part about using heat. there are no special tools needed: heat the inner bearing race, drop it onto the crank. let the crank bearings cool completely... heat the cases and drop the crank+ bearing assembly into the case. assemble the transmission fully, heat the empty case, and drop it onto the assembled case. the only special tool needed is the proper shims stacked to center the crank in the engine cases. it's actually a lot easier to use the heat differential to assemble bottom ends, instead of pressing. phrase see this video as a demonstration;
  11. i do all the planning and route plotting on my phone. occasionally I'll export it to Google earth or Google my maps so i can link it to other folks easily. it's just so fast and simple on the phone, might as well.
  12. ohgood

    CBR300R Crank Install

    there isn't much to pressing in a crank+ bearings. heat the cases to accept the bearings, press together.
  13. ohgood

    off road phone mount?

    i really like the rugby pros, but their Bluetooth version is too old for my heart rate monitor. i really wish there was another galaxy s5 type of phone, not too big, removable battery, etc ... but right now I'm stuck with the kyocera
  14. if the hole has oil in the bottom it can stop the bolt hydraulically. I'm betting you blew it out with brake clean and it was ready then
  15. ohgood

    18" or 19" front wheel?

    i bet ! the 17 looks hilarious on the front, live it's over of those non proportional play toys from China