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  1. ohgood

    Which GPS?

    locus map free maps, no storage limits for tracks/waypoints/maps/kmz overlays/etc and never need to plug it into a computer to make room or create routes ever again.
  2. ohgood

    Voyager - GPS Function???

    the Voyager is best at displaying rpm and speed. i know i know, that's pretty useless on a dirt bike/dual sport, but it's what it does. yes, you can record a gray track on a gray screen, or TRY to read gray roads on the gray screen, but it's not something i would consider as good at gps duties. if you want full gps capabilities... kyocera duraforce xd $55 locus map $7 Amazon silicon mount $11 it does more
  3. kyocera duraforce xd $55 locus map $7 Amazon silicon mount $11 it does more than the $600+ Garmins, easier.
  4. ohgood

    Trail Tech Voyager Pro

    1 should have used an Android, the rugged kind. that's why it's the suggested phone to use in all the threads. 3 you mean touching the "download" button is harder than finding the right USB cord, plugging into a computer, navigating map install, map manager, and Basecamp, to try and make sure your routes match up between the computer and the gps ?
  5. that's complicated. here in the South we just send off a few forms to South Dakota and get a title/tag in a few days. then transfer it to our state. cost is about 45$ depending on the assessed value.
  6. ohgood

    Latest GPS on a budget options?

    i started out using map overlays on Garmin/tomtom devices years ago, and very quickly realized they were crap for motorcycling. i changed to the first Android htc g1 and was amazed. tracks, maps and routes were EASY to follow and make. oruxmaps was in it's infancy, and worked great for off-road adventures, but i wanted more track handling features and found locus. now i have teens of thousands of miles of tracks and waypoints from all over the country. the best part is i don't have to make room or manage my taco from a desktop computer, or plug it in to create tracks. all of it is in my pocket, with plenty of time for maps, videos, etc and whatever else i want to store. locus osmand and oruxmaps surpassed the stand alone units about four years ago, and keep improving.
  7. ohgood


    motion x , gaia, several others. the options in Android are much more, and there are rugged phones for $50
  8. ohgood

    Latest GPS / smartphone on a budget

    Kyocera duraforce xd, $60 on Amazon/eBay/swappa silicon flexible mount $12 on Amazon oruxmaps, locus maps, or osmand, around $5 i use locus, it does much more than the stand alone units. maps are free
  9. ohgood

    Right Side Case Oil Leak

    I always did both, in case it goes weird and sticks anyway
  10. ohgood

    Steering stem bearing, replace or re-pack?

    Huh ? Please expound a little.
  11. ohgood

    Fairly new rebuild, fairly scored piston..

    Bad rebuild: Cleaning grit left in the head/cylinder Valve seats weren't replaced, and or valve clearances weren't shimmed properly. If a shop did all the work, find a new shop for this rebuild. If you did it, live and learn!
  12. ohgood

    Right Side Case Oil Leak

    If you grease both sides of the gasket you have a better chance of it not tearing the next time you remove the side cover. Don't use rtv, it ends up in oil passages, which is bad
  13. ohgood

    2016 DRZ400SM throttle response issues

    Diagnose it yourself: Pull the air box side panel, if it's better your are rich, if it's worse your are lean.
  14. ohgood

    DRZ400 Headlight upgrade?

  15. ohgood

    gearing change

    gearingcommander.com is where you should start.