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  1. if we're going by definition only, a route isn't real, isn't sharable or transferable. it's -only- the waypoints, and then the expected guesstimation that the GPS will make along those waypoints.... so of course, editing a route just means a) changing the via/shaping/avoid points b ) changing the algorithm that will guess the route (oops, TRACK) between those few points. the route is a temporary guesstimation, only pertinent to other devices if they are the exact same device, same map, same algorithm, same presets, same location. change any one, and it goes poof. unfortunately, people try to share waypoints as routes, try to depend on routes, and upload/download them every day.... only to find that is the wrong way of doing it, on a gps. but in a phone, again, it really doesn't matter. we can change all of that as needed, instead of being hamstrung to only what the gps can guesstimate between the waypoints. the "my map doesn't have that road" issues go away, the "my algorithm doesn't support hiking/canoeing/whatever" goes away.... and we can edit it right now instead of going back to a computer to try and figure out why the GPS is routing the wrong way.
  2. going by memory 17mm was my last setting. make sure your float needle is seating properly. if it isn't, it will leak like a seive
  3. get a dirt bike baffle and wrap it with packing. it will make a huge difference
  4. stock is cheap n easy. any analogue speedometer for a 21" wheel will work fine. the key switch can be a dummy , just hide a switch ;-) are you doing wide ratio on the busted transmission?
  5. disable the side stand and clutch safety switches.
  6. notice the first image, sliding the waypoints (via points/shaping points) changes the route.... it's a route. if I create it in the route /track editor, or ask the app to create a route along 5-10 points, it's a route. the TRACK comes into play once I follow and record points, instead of letting the computer guess my way along. this is why I said earlier the route vs track thing isn't really a big deal with smartphone apps. if the track is full of random points because of high bounces being recorded, just edit them out... if the route doesn't go where you want, just edit it and restart the navigation. I know it was painful to use routes in the old days, but it's really not a big deal now with these advances.
  7. I just watched this happen a week ago. when applying a bolt, it's a really good idea to crown the nut or bolt, by turning it backwards until it hops a little, then turning it forward. this is especially true with fine threads and banjo bolts, as they have very little wiggle room for mistakes. banjo bolts normally have very tight clearances between the shank and the bore they fit into. carefully hand thread it until it's obvious the bolt/nut is almost seated, then compete torque with a wrench. never ever start a bolt (especially fine threads) with an impact, or motorized driver. fixing this means time cert/ helicoil.
  8. check out gearingcommander.com for your gear ratios.
  9. it's not that bad, the tracks be routes thing, when using smartphone applications. the new route is plotted, and then saved with ALL the points, instead of just the shaping waypoints... so it doesn't need to be calculated with the shaping/via points, not it can still be edited later on, without recalculating the entire route/track. for instance: so I created a hiking route... then edited it... then saved the edit, without a full recalculation. only the sections edited are effected, really handy for "oops I found a bridge that's gone" fixing of routes.
  10. did you try shifting it on the stand? it should ship into great easily while turning the rear wheel. if it doesn't, something is wrong.
  11. lots of people break that. they over tighten the plug and stop the threads or break it. get a handful of plastic rings at AutoZone and don't reef on it. I would tap it for the next size plug.
  12. unfortunately locus is Android only. I believe the go-to for ios is Gaia GPS osmand or motion x
  13. it does a lot more than just get you home... plotting several hundred mile routes (without needing to carry a computer along to do it), sharing tracks to all other devices (not just the same genre Garmin branded hiking GPS), geotagged photos, track EDITING, a compass that works, plays music (you know, over Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, or via it's own speaker), huge 5.7" display, waterproof, rugged, geocaching (again, without having to bring a computer), storing tens of thousands of miles of tracks, tens of thousands of waypoints (no shuffling between computer memory and good memory needed), records video/pictures/audio notes and attaches them to waypoints, auto-zoom-to-speed that works (aha!), compass that works, querty keyboard for renaming waypoints/tracks on the fly, and maps..... man sooooo many maps! for free? yessss for free. track/waypoint storage is pretty nice too, keeping the full database of half a decade of tracks instead of having to make room for every ride.... yes that's a huge plus it's locus and a phone's almost limitless track storage. right now my database is about 110mb, covering thousands and thousands of miles... if I ever manage to smash this $65 phone bad enough to destroy the internal memory and sdcard, I can always download a backup (automatic backups to the cloud are SWEET!) to the next $65 phone and be running in about two minutes. but ya, it's gets me back home. that's only about 5% of its ability.
  14. borrowed motion pro too from a buddy (thanks) and swore for an hour I was losing my mind... or dropped 190 iq points, or both. sombitch wouldn't fit for anything. called motion pro, and the admitted that they had quality control issues a while back, this might be one of them. measured the threads, the pitch is right but the nominal is tight. good grief, toss the puller to the side and ordered a new one. why Suzuki, did you spec external threads, that NO ONE stocks a nut for? could have made a puller out of an axle nut if it was a standard size, but nooooooo Suzuki has to be different. rant over, time to start on rebuilding the 2t I guess.
  15. GPS is GPS is GPS.... if any GPS can receive the signals in the areas you plan to explore, your phone can too. GPS has nothing to do with cellular connectivity, just like WiFi has nothing to do with Bluetooth, and nfc has nothing to do with cb radio antennas. they're all separate. the application I use is called Locus, but you might want to start with osmand, as it's a lot easier to get started. locus is much better than any other stand alone unit and or application, for off-road navigation, but osmand is easier to start with, for street riding. recording, storing, and plotting tracks is extremely easy, and the smartphone big screens make it so much nicer than the tiny screens of stand alone units. storing all your tracks/waypoints and maps, without ever having to plug into a computer to make room in the memory is really nice also.