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  1. it's already available. oruxmaps, locus, and osmand all have group/friend tracking, and you can see the other persons location in real time.... as long as you have cellular coverage. as far as tracks go, that's easy. you can display / follow / navigate however many tracks you like in these applications. the hard part is GETTING PEOPLE TO UPLOAD GPX TRACKS ! all you need is a google drive account (or whoevers file server) to host the files. from there anyone can download and use your gpx files. of course there are other filetypes, but gpx is the standard, and widely accepted everywhere. generally folks hang on to their own gpx tracks on their gps (as much as a standalone can hold) or their phones (all of the files, no limits here) and occasionally look at them on desktop computers. the real time tracking is tricky to implement, because you have to convince people to take the FIVE MINUTES to install an app and USE said app. then there is the cross platform weirdness of ios vs android. also the "i'm not putting my phone near a dirtbike, it will break!" crowd that still doesnt have a rugged device, in 2018.
  2. Every time you need the tools you'll have to pull the skid plate, and they'll be wet/muddy/rusty. Between the handlebar and cross bar would make more sense.
  3. The bike needs thirty seconds of choke, then ride away. Idling for ten minutes can get you anything from a fast idle to crappy smoggy fuel laden vapor everywhere , depends on your jetting and other issues. Pull your carb and polish the float needle seat with a qtip, then reassemble. If the float needle isn't sharp, replace it. The petcock should stop the flow, but the float is the trail culprit
  4. It'll work OK and teach you traction control in the mean time.
  5. way cool (warm!) man ! thanks for sharing your cure for the winter blues ! neato :-)
  6. Yup
  7. Rugged/waterproof phones don't care about tile.
  8. See my earlier post. Flexible mounts work much better in crashes. Sorry about your hip!
  9. There are five posts on this request page, and six advertisements. Like I said, unless TT can figure out a way to get money from GPS vendors, it isn't going to happen. It would be nice though.
  10. Up there on the bars. Use airplane mode and follow/record tracks as needed. The $12 silicon mounts from eBay/ amazon flex instead of breaking. Changes from I've bike to another in seconds, flexible, safe, and none of the required rubber band junk that RAM needs.
  11. I've been using this for years. On single track.
  12. Kyocera Duraforce XD, install locus maps and brouter, then download offline maps from openandro.org, you'll be set for anywhere you like. There are great mounts on amazon , Google "amazon silicon bicycle mount" its usually $12. I've been using phones offline for GPS duties for years, it's easy to put together a complete setup for less than $75 that absolutely rocks.
  13. There's the power jet, and the length of the flat needle, along with which grind you're running.... Lots of things to adjust.
  14. Ride it gently until it's warm and you won't notice it as much as you would while it's sitting on a stand.
  15. This!!!! Dump whatever fuel they put in it and run it in your lawnmower. You seriously cannot trust a dealer to setup a bike correctly. Check everything.