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  1. MXRider72

    2015 YZ125 mods and prep

    Yeah mine leaked and might still be doing it. Kinda frustrating.
  2. MXRider72

    2015 450 National Champion

    Yeah this has been kind of a rough year for injuries.
  3. MXRider72

    Rmz 250 fuel leak.

    If you read the first link I posted, you'd have seen that those are the o-rings for the FCR carb. Which your Suzuki has.
  4. MXRider72

    Rmz 250 fuel leak.

    Found this thread that should be of help to you. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1053585-carb-fuel-inlet-o-ring-size/ Here is that Yamaha part number for sale looks like you need 2. http://www.boats.net/parts/detail/yamaha/Y-3TJ-14564-40-00.html
  5. MXRider72

    Rmz 250 fuel leak.

    Doubt it
  6. MXRider72

    Rmz 250 fuel leak.

    there is a small screw that holds it in place. You can see it in the pic you posted. Remove that screw, pull out the elbow fitting, or spigot, and replace the o-ring.
  7. MXRider72


    Why wouldn't you check the plug if it didn't start? That's the second thing I ever check right after making sure there is gas in the tank. Seems much easier to rule out than load it up and have a dealer figure it out for you.
  8. MXRider72


    Fouled plug?
  9. MXRider72

    kx100 power valves.... ok to sand blast?

    I use an ultrasonic cleaner
  10. MXRider72

    Race fuel vs. 93 oc.

    Yup, why anyone would take perfectly good fuel and cut it with crap E10 pump gas is beyond me. I run VP C9. It's 96 pump octane unleaded non ethanol fuel.
  11. MXRider72

    Toyota pickups=over rated

    I have a truck because it does everything I need it to do. But at the same time I wish I also had a car to drive. Something like a Civic Si or an Acura TSX would be nice.
  12. MXRider72

    Toyota pickups=over rated

    Oh we know. I'm friends with two Toyota techs and I'm well aware of the problems the Tacoma has. But it's the best pickup choice for me. I didn't snap a pic, but I went riding today with friends. We usually carpool for numerous reasons, save gas and have backup drivers in the event of a crash. Anyway, my friend and I loaded up in my truck posted above, and my other friend had his lady and kids with their bikes in his F350 pulling a trailer. In my truck was my YZ250, gear, gas, tools, etc. as well as my friends YZ426 and all his stuff. The little 4 banger did awesome with both of us in the truck and a loaded cooler. Used cruise control plenty on the highway without issue, and plenty of twisty hilly back roads. The truck isn't powerful, but it never felt under powered like some older Toyota pickups I've driven. No way would I want a regular cab though. The extra space really comes in handy.
  13. MXRider72

    2015 450 National Champion

    Nope. Banned from competition until August 11th.
  14. MXRider72

    2015 450 National Champion

    Regardless of how he finishes, I enjoy watching him ride. I hope he gets to race the entire outdoor season, but my gut feeling is his suspension will be upheld. Sorry for not contributing to the swing fest.
  15. MXRider72

    Go-pro Helmet placement help.

    I've always just stuck mine on top.