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  1. Mr_Motocross

    AMA Pro Nationals

    Rougher the better. Lommel and Lierop rough.
  2. Mr_Motocross

    What size to get for first trials bike

    Took me a few years to find one second hand. Still paid more than I really wanted to and had to have it shipped 1500 miles. I would have bought another 2.9 or convinced myself to stick with the one I have if I hadn't had run into the Montesa importer at a supermoto race back in '05. Let me play around in a rocky gully for about an hour on it. Lesson learnt; don't ride other bikes if I can't afford to buy them lol
  3. Mr_Motocross

    What size to get for first trials bike

    Lots of people on trials forums say to get something small and >250 will be a handful. I came from an mx/enduro/stuntriding background and my first trials bike was a 2.9 Sherco. I never had problems with throttle or clutch control. As long as you aren't a ham-fisted goon you shouldn't have a problem. I think it probably comes from old guys who hardly use the clutch. As long as you keep one finger on it and pull it in as soon as you get a bit out of shape you should be fine. As for bikes, I went for the newest I could and think you both should too. I couldn't see condition because I bought it over the internet. After a few years when I'd tried some and knew what I liked and wanted I bought a Honda-Montesa 4rt. Was more expensive than other bikes the same age but they hold their value if I want to sell it; very reliable, and hasn't changed much over the years so plenty of parts etc. Can't help with where to buy one other than rypusa.com has a few used bikes and Ryan is a good dude. Also, his training dvds are pretty much the best out there. You could try to find clubs near you but I have no idea how.
  4. Mr_Motocross

    2002 husqvarna wr360

    Looks like a pre 2000 model, not 2002.
  5. Mr_Motocross

    Open Face Helmets

    You wanted recommendations for open faced helmets and I gave one. If you don't like it I recommend you eat a dick.
  6. Mr_Motocross

    I try to put the pressure on

  7. Mr_Motocross

    Tomac is the future GOAT

    Tomac only won because Stewart crashed out.
  8. Mr_Motocross

    Props to Ben Townley

    "We are in a flat paddock in the middle of nowhere."
  9. Mr_Motocross

    Enduro boots?

    Been using Forma for a few years. Will buy them again next time. Great service from the factory also.
  10. Mr_Motocross

    2015 Sherco Factory Edition 300 Trials bike

    Get new friends.
  11. Mr_Motocross

    Seely Seething...

  12. Mr_Motocross

    Can rev bombing hurt your bike?

    Who cares if it damages the bike? You should stop doing it because it's gay
  13. Mr_Motocross

    Stewart destroys Musquin's chance at a win

    Musquin should have Dungeyed him after that.
  14. Mr_Motocross

    Left Hand Rear Brake

    yep. the standard rear brake is pretty weak but not so bad with the radial master. Edit: another bonus of using a common master is rebuild kits and spares are cheap.