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  1. LittleSeanX

    Dirty shop towels?

    Ask your neighbors Use old clothes ask your parents wrangle up $8.95 and buy a big ol' pack of them.
  2. LittleSeanX

    ATF for two stroke tranys. Good or bad idea?

    same problem I had, now it is greatly decreased. It will even idle in gear now. /happy
  3. LittleSeanX

    My new form of bike security

    hes cute, and good luck
  4. LittleSeanX

    1994 YZ125 Clutch Doesn't Work, Sticky?

    I put in the ATF I bought. I need to "break it free" when I first start it, but at least it will idle now with it in gear and the clutch in, do I need to fix the grooving right away or is it something that can wait?
  5. LittleSeanX

    ATF for two stroke tranys. Good or bad idea?

    I put some in to my bike where the clutch was sticking really bad. now It will even idle nicely with the clutch in, this stuff is magical, lol. its a quick fix for a bigger problem I am sure I have, a notched clutch basket.
  6. LittleSeanX

    1994 YZ125 Clutch Doesn't Work, Sticky?

    Thanks for that, I just read through it all, I will have to tear into the clutch over the weekend... if it doesn't rain and I have time...
  7. LittleSeanX

    ATF for two stroke tranys. Good or bad idea?

    I'll be putting in some of this soon
  8. LittleSeanX

    1994 YZ125 Clutch Doesn't Work, Sticky?

    I put the cable back on and adjusted it to where it would pull correctly and it will actually run in gear with the clutch in, but it pulls a little still. I went out and got some ATF Type F to put in there, its some Valvoline stuff, I was pleasantly surprised when I looked and it was only $2.99. So that will be going in soon. If I can, I will take a look at the clutch basket while I'm at it. I'm actually kind of excited about this, because I think the clutch has stuck slightly since I got it.
  9. LittleSeanX

    1994 YZ125 Clutch Doesn't Work, Sticky?

    I've been thinking of using atf for the transmission after I put this stuff in. I haven't ever taken off the clutch cover on this bike since I got it. Unfortunately, it is in the back of the garage where I cannot work on it.
  10. LittleSeanX

    1994 YZ125 Clutch Doesn't Work, Sticky?

    I think I need to let it warm up really well so the plates don't stick? But if the plates are stuck, they must be together with glue because I don't think I should be able to crank the engine over with the clutch in and the bike in gear.
  11. HI. So when I put the bike into gear it jerks forward and stalls(with the clutch in) the clutch absolutely does not work. I had it in first when it wasn't running with the clutch in and it was turning the engine over when I moved it back and forth. I tried taking out the locking screw for the clutch shaft and putting it on differently but that doesnt work. I believe this started happening after I put in some Rotella-T Triple Protection 15w-40 - I read around that people were using that. This Stuff: http://www.walmart.c...-Quart/14958326
  12. LittleSeanX

    Winter Maintenence

    By the way, I got Rotella-T Triple Protection 15w-40. under 4 dollars for a bottle I was also wondering on the regreasing, how do I go about greasing the steering head and the swingarm/linkaage? The wheel bearings are pretty self explanatory, but those other parts are more intricut I believe, with seals and multiple pieces.
  13. LittleSeanX

    Winter Maintenence

    So I did a little bit today, I at least got it running, I pulled out the carburetor and cleaned it, then I drained the old gas and put in about a gallon of fresh stuff. washed it, lubed the chain, and aired up the tires, they were pretty flat, not even 10 PSI, put them to 22PSI, probably too much, but I was testing onroad. Still need to do oil and lube everything
  14. LittleSeanX

    Winter Maintenence

    Alright, very good information there. I was wondering though, what tire pressure should I use and what oil should I use? Oil question answered, so tire pressure? and yeah, I should have done all this BEFORE putting it away. Sadly, I really don't have room to do any maintenance really. Our garage is packed full with three hayabusas, 2 other street bikes, my dirtbike, and my dads dirtbike.
  15. LittleSeanX

    To Clean A Chain

    Sweet, glad it worked for you, I basically did the same thing, except I just dried off the chain, no wd40, probably should have though.