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  1. Most of the damage was from the previous owner... not that I havent had my fair share of crashes No, I also paid for expedited shipping...which I did not get Listen guys, Im not trying to tarnish a well respected company's reputation or the quality of their work. That is not the issue. I am stating that their customer service needs serious attention and they did not handle this situation in a professional manner. If I wasnt pressed for time and didnt have a race, I wouldnt give 2 shits about this... but I was in a rush and they totally dropped the ball on this That is all... mods, feel free to lock this shitshow of a thread
  2. Nope, but it takes that long to drive 400 miles to yonder race after the pipe gets delivered on Friday
  3. I'm not trashing the company, just a single bad move they made. If I was not pressed for time, I would be completely satisfied with their service... especially for the price I will take it like a man (per the aussie's request) and pull an all-nighter on Friday to get there by Sat morning
  4. Thats my only pipe... I considered ordering another but its $220 and will only arrive 1 day earlier
  5. I have a race coming up this weekend that I am leaving for tomorrow, since it is 400 miles away... I sent my pipe in, then called and paid for a faster shipment since I had only a week before the race.. So I call to ask where the pipe is, since I was told it would arrive today, and was told "sorry man, it must have slipped my mind." Turns out it was shipped Ground instead of Priority and wont get here until Friday. You may have excellent results and be the best pipe repair company on earth, but &%$#@! you for not paying attention after we talked for 15 minutes discussing shipping options In all fairness, he offered to refund my shipping... Thanks a lot, that $16 will totally pay for my $150 entry fee I am generally a very relaxed person but stupid shit like this really annoys me /rant
  6. Pcar928

    Anyone have a 300 that starts first kick?

    2000 300 exc... running rich, but starts 1st kick every time
  7. Pcar928

    300EXC cylinder walls ok? (pics)

    Thanks guys.. Ended up going with a replate from PowersealUSA
  8. Pcar928

    300EXC cylinder walls ok? (pics)

    Sorry those pics arent too great, here are the 2 spots that worry me
  9. Im doing a top end on my 00 300 and noticed the cylinder walls looked worn... Is this normal? There is no actual scoring, but Im wondering if it will be ok with a good cleaning or I should sent it off to be re-sleeved/plated? Thanks in advance
  10. Pcar928

    Will a 04 450 clutch master cyl fit an 00 300?

    Thanks for the help guys... I called around to a few places and it should work, but I was actually able to get an OEM magura from powersports warehouse for 95$
  11. Pcar928

    Will a 04 450 clutch master cyl fit an 00 300?

    I know the 00 300 has a 10.5 and I think the 450 has a 9.0... someone must know if its compatible
  12. Im hoping the answer is yes...
  13. Pcar928

    Funny Riding video

    that was just terrible in every way
  14. Pcar928

    YZ/CR500 F.I

    Someone needs to show this to the head of the AMA right now... they need to get back to their roots I'd love to see what thats like on a faster track