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  1. klx300green

    Gearbox jammed

    Turns out the nut behind the larger of the three LHS engine brace bolts had fallen down into a little gap between the drive sprocket and the engine case. Almost completely hidden from view. Would jam the drive gear in forward rotation only. Braindead0 you were on the right track, just could not see the nut way down in there - had to get it out with a telescopic magnet. Thanks for your suggestions guys.
  2. klx300green

    Gearbox jammed

    Hi ozglenn, My Rekluse is the older Z Start Pro model that uses ball bearings. Cheers
  3. klx300green

    Gearbox jammed

    Hi Braindead0, Thanks for the quick reply. Today was supposed to be a riding day but, frustratingly, not going to happen. If I roll the bike backwards, I cannot then move it forward at all. In other words, if I roll it back a few feet, I cannot roll it forward again to where it started - it's stuck righ there. No sign of anything untoward on the outside. Just now starting to pull her apart so will report back.
  4. klx300green

    Gearbox jammed

    Hi All, I have a 2008 KLX450R that appears to have a jammed gearbox. It is fitted with a Rekluse (which has been working great for about two years), though I don't think that's the cause. Symptoms are that I cannot roll it forward, although it will roll backwards. If I start it up, put it in gear and give it gas, you can tell that the clutch is engaging but the bike doesn't move. Doesn't matter what gear I select I get the same result. Previously, I could roll the bike even if it was in gear, with or without the clutch manually disengaged. Very difficult to know if I have selected neutral with things being the way they are, suffice to say that I just cannot get it to move. The bike ran fine last time I rode it a few months back. The only thing I have done since is lift up the back end by hand and drop it about a foot to free-up what I suspected was a stuck float-bowl that was causing a no-fuel condition. Bike now starts and engine runs fine. Any thoughts as to what might be going on? I will be taking the clutch out today to see if there's anything amiss but, to me, the issue seems more likely to be in the gearbox itself. Thanks in advance.
  5. klx300green

    Regret selling my KLX300

    I had a 2000 KLX300 that I felt was generally a pretty good bike for the types of trails I ride. I am 6'4" and around 220lbs and I did feel it was a bit on the small side for me. It had the stock carb and exhaust and it was proving to be a PITA to start when it was hot (no hot start button and kick start only). Nothing like keeping your buddies waiting with a bike that won't start. The guy who bought it changed the carb and he says that problem is now solved. It's age, physical size and starting issues were behind me "upgrading" to a 2008 KLX450r a few months ago. The electric start is really nice, I must admit, and the bike loves the fast, open trails - it jumps better too. It is proving to be a real handful in tighter, single-track trails, though. It's only about 22lbs heavier but it feels like a tank in the woods and the last few rides have not been as enjoyable as they once were. The throttle is very hard to regulate at low speeds and the clutch is very grabby, meaning there are plenty of stalls. I also find the front-end washes out quite easily. Maybe it's the wrong tool for the job or maybe I can tweak things a bit (carb, clutch and suspension) or maybe I just need to get used to it. Not a particularly easy transition so far and leaves me kinda' regretting making the move.
  6. I put the stand between myself and the bike, bend my knees, grab the swingarm closest to me with my right hand (arm straight), stand up (lifting the bike) and pull the bike towards me and onto the stand.
  7. klx300green

    Money well spent

    Oh, and a GoPro.
  8. klx300green

    Money well spent

    Tell you what I probably wouldn't do again is powdercoat my frame. Don't get me wrong, it looked freakin' awesome on my 2000 KLX300 when it was first done but it did not last, particularly on the left side where the boot is constantly moving. Trouble is, now I can't touch up the worn areas. Best purchases: Trail Tech Vapor - inexpensive, useful Motoz rear knobby - holy shit, what a difference Outdoor Designs thermal / water-proof gloves - never had cold, wet hands yet Troy Lee Designs BP7850 armor vest - saved my ass big time pressure washer - could not live without it Thor Ratchet boots - I'm sure there are better ones out there, but these were good for the money MSR PakJak jacket - keeps me warm & dry, folds into a pouch with waist strap when not needed The bike
  9. klx300green

    No offense--but why are motocross guys such pricks?

    Just like anywhere, you're going to come across a variety of personalities; you're going to meet some awesome people who will become friends for life and you'll meet some a-holes. The a-holes are typically those who are not comfortable in themselves or confident in their abilities. If they're good on the track, prove it out there in a respectful manner, no need to be a dick about it. People can win races without being jerks although maybe playing mind-games with the competition is part of it. My young son rides competitively and sometimes looks down on those who are just starting or who are new to the track, but I remind him that he was at that point not so long ago. I ride exclusively on the trails where you can do your own thing, without being judged. Why ride around in circles all day long?
  10. klx300green

    KLX300 Opinions

    I have had a 2000 KLX300 for about 4 years now. I ride exclusively on the trails and have found it to be a great bike for that. Lots of low-end torque, reasonably fast. I was just poking around the internet for various bits and pieces and came across a few posts from people who describe the KLX as a lightweight, beginner bike with a low seat height. One guy described it as the ideal bike for his wife who is just starting to ride. Really? I don't have much to compare the KLX to but I am surprised that people would describe it this way. I am a pretty big guy (6'4" and 220lbs) and I am concerned now that I look like a complete moron riding a girls bike. Maybe I am completely out of touch with what the alternatives are. I don't really want to go with a 450 in the woods and why would I step down to a 230 or 250? KTM make a 350, but it's close to 11 grand, which is way more than I want to have invested.
  11. klx300green

    California off-road bike tours

    Hi All, We are going to LA in August for a couple of weeks. Does anyone know of any reputable off-road tours my son (14yrs) and I could go on? We are both pretty competent riders. Thanks
  12. klx300green

    Nikasil or sleeve?

    Thanks guys, I think I'll go for the recoat, although it's $299. I was really only looking at the initial cost of doing the job, not future costs down the road. Since posting this question I have read a few other discussions and it seems like the Nikasil coating offers a few advantages over the sleeve, such as longevity and cooling. I have explored all the options, including getting a big-bore kit to replace my cylinder and have decided to keep it stock and get it coated. Thanks again.
  13. My bike's cylinder was Nikasil coated from the factory. The coating has worn through and I am considering getting a sleeve inserted instead of having it recoated - seems to be more cost effective. Any thoughts or experience?
  14. klx300green

    Looking to buy a KLX300

    I started off-roading late in life so don't have much experience on bikes other than my KLX300. I find it pretty [top] heavy at around 230lb dry (again, don't have much to compare it to). I absolutely love this bike; it has plenty of power and bottom-end torque. I have read that it is a good "lightweight, starter bike" but I put my leg over a KX450 a while ago and it felt like a mountain bike. The KLX is a kick-starter, which some don't like. I don't mind it except when I stall on a hot engine on a 45degree slope - it can be a real pig to get going again. I am 6'4" and 220lb and the bike accomodates me just fine. I do get a little concerned, though, when I here people recommending it as a starter / ladies' bike as I consider it to be a bit of a brute. Best advice I can give is to try a few options. I am partial to Kawasaki, always have been, and this bike suits me down to the ground, except that I now think I look like a girl.
  15. klx300green

    Frame color

    Hi All, I have my 2000 KLX300 stripped down to the frame for a winter overhaul - this is the first major rebuild since getting the bike almost 4 years ago, though I've done some routine stuff here and there. I am getting the frame stripped and powder-coated but can't decide on color. It is currently black but can't decide if I should try something new. I have seen these bikes with frames in Kawasaki green, silver / grey and even blue. Thoughts?