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  1. It' all ok
  2. Hi, got a mates DR600 which we can't start. It has spark and wet plugs so it can' be much, I'm thinking carb set up. It has a CV type carb can someone please let me know what the base settings are?
  3. Hi, I've just picked up a 76 XT500 that I can't get a spark on it. It's got a Rex Speed Shop ignition system, with what looks like new coil, plug, ignition switch. Any ideas why I can't get a spark?
  4. Cheers guys
  5. Thanks for this, where did you check the engine number?
  6. Hi All, I'm currently working on a TT600R engine (number 5CH-007423) and would like to know what year its, Yamaha can't help as they require the frame number and the motor is fitted to a twin shock Maico frame. I'm also trying to track down the correct CDI for this motor has tried a PVL but this didn't seem to have the correct advance curve as the motor was running very rough under full load at the top end of it rev range. If someone could provide a phot of the correct CDI and the wires that go into it it would help greatly. Cheers
  7. Hi, I'm struggling to find a tool to remove the flywheel from a DR125 SEY (2000 model year) bike. Any suggestions either on finding a tool or a way of getting the flywheel off? Cheers
  8. Hi all, rebuilding a 1984 XT600 motor (43F). The thing is, the stator and pick-up wiring has been butchered. In itself this isn't an issue. However, the previous owner lost the rubber seal for the wiring during the butchering process and filled the gap with silicone. Is there anywhere I can purchase this rubber seal from or is it a matter of looking for another stator and fitting that to get the seal? Cheers Phill
  9. Hi All, back again and this time XT600 mounted. I've got to pull the motor apart over the winter as it seems to be burning more oil than petrol. The thing it, if I'm in there I know the cam will be on it's way out and it's going to require a re-bore. So, what are the options for a Stage 1 cam, over bore and compression hike? Finally, is there anything else I should be doing to the motor? Cheers Blues
  10. Cool, kinda what I thought and am running today, seems ok
  11. Just wondering what the thoughts are on tyre pressures for the road, as the Honda hand book states 21psi front, 15psi rear, I'm assuming this is the off road pressures?
  12. Hi, I've got a Yamaha TT500 engine to rebuild, where would the best place to be too look for parts, upgrades and some tech info?
  13. Just a quick update, borrowed a mates CDI, bike now runs great, thanks to all for all the help
  14. Hi Thanks for this, they look like the ones with the tabs on, so I am guessing mine are like the early Ceriani's. Cheers Blues
  15. Here you go, took less than a few seconds to find on Google: