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  1. 97xr400r

    xr400 motor destruction

    Hah this looks exactly like my engine when it last seized. I had a cast aftermarket piston in it and it kissed the valves destroying the head, cylinder, rod, and piston was in bits in the bottom end just like yours. I rebuilt my bike with prox rod, new/used ebay head, new guides, 11:1 426cc weisco piston and obviously new sleeve gaskets etc. I feel for you man and to think I still ride my xr 5+ days a week on and off quick freeway stints . I hope my bike survives this year of school and work as I rely on it for my transportation. Crap I also still run 16/45 but it already feels kinda gutless. I should probably buy a new chain and 42 rear or something to save my engine
  2. 97xr400r

    $38 Headlight bulb fix (DIY)

    Dude that looks awesome, I love the key ignition and dash. I really need to build a 'dash' like yours and install an ignition on my street legal xr426
  3. I did! and my bike is running fine. I also used some of that copper colored head gasket spray can stuff along with the 440 gasket
  4. Go with the xr, I'm 6'2 225 and frequently(as in daily) ride an xr around the sf bay area, I know it won't let you down with a counter sprocket change and some good rubber. Ride red, forget trying to drag your 200+ body around on a two fiddy
  5. You'll need less than one foot, however I suggest you buy two feet so you can keep some laying around, never know when you'll need it.
  6. 97xr400r

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    Now 426ccs of firebreathing fury
  7. Im pretty damn good at wheelies but still don't have the balls to stand up wheelie my xr426, just so damn high in the air.
  8. 97xr400r

    XR250 cam setting plunger-what does it do?

    Mines been killed twice, both my fault. Third times the charm
  9. 97xr400r

    XR250 Specs

    tumbleweed by afroman wish I knew the answer to your question lol
  10. 97xr400r

    XR250 cam setting plunger-what does it do?

    Very good question, Here's a pictar of the whole lube system I really don't know what purpose it serves as the upper oil passages only run up on the right side of the engine. IIRC the plunger doesn't have an oil passage under it, but check your cam and see if one of the oiling holes in it line up with where the plunger should be Edit: checked my old xr4r head that got destroyed, there is no oil passage under the plunger, but it's up to you to see if it lines up with a cam oiling hole, it could be used to splash oil around the cam area in the recessed area next to the plungers hole. Is it really worth not spending the 20bux(max) to have the part bought and shipped to you?
  11. 97xr400r

    XR400 to 440 building back up ?'s

    Since you're rocking the electric start kit, drop in the stage 2 cam and some heavy duty valve springs at the same time. No kickstarter shaft to worry about You shouldn't have to worry about the followers, and as much as I love my automagic decompressor I probably wouldn't install it on the cam. Due to the duration and lift change on the cam, it'd probably come close(if not) bending a valve.
  12. Rather bring the front up than the rear
  13. 97xr400r

    new entry from Italy (crea's xr 440)

    Damn, beautiful bike my friend! You should get some USD forks for it to finish the 'bling' effect. Your carb looks like it cost a few $$
  14. 97xr400r

    XR400 to 440 building back up ?'s

    I've wanted to dump a hotcam in my xr426 for the longest time, I however do not want to deal with breaking kickstarter shafts and what not that could potentially come from it. I know web grinds xr cams, mebbe they could do it and leave the automagic decompressor on?
  15. 97xr400r

    New to the XR family

    So I'm guessing you found my old thread with pics of my ghetto sumo? Buchanan(google) will charge you $79 bux for custom fit spokes, then you just need to get them laced up and centered, tada ghetto tard I however aquired an excel tagablabla 18x2.15 rim and it laced up easy. Waiting on a box of oem parts and this'll be a 426 in a week!! I can't wait to get rid of the 90profile tires and switch to like 110x80mm upfront and 120x80 in the rear. Avon road riders should do the trick. BTW sirr aren't you rockin true motard rims?