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  1. Steel Panther

    2019 450 long haul updates?

    I have had mine since July, and ride it every weekend. I haven't even taken the battery out to charge it yet. So far so good. I agree there are some things that can be made better, including the air box design and muffler like jophis said. The only thin I have noticed is I seem to wear the plastics more than other bikes, especially around the number plate area. Also, I have seen a few people break the sub frame exhaust tab with certain after market pipes. I saw fmf has a special bracket to avoid this and I am sure kawi will add a bit of material there to remedy that problem in the future. When it all comes down to it, this is the best bike I have owned to date.
  2. Steel Panther

    Good place to have forks rebuilt in Temecula area

    pro circuit isn't too far away
  3. Steel Panther

    09 yz450 steering bearings

    Hey guys so I busted my lower steering stem bearing on my 09 yz450 and decided to go to my local shop for a replacement. They looked up the schematic and gave be part number 93332-00078-00. It had the rubber seal attached to it so I figured it was the lower bearing. I pressed out the old bearing and got ready to put in the new one. After applying quite a bit of force I realized it was not seating. Took it off and compared it to my old one and it is too small, I'm guessing it is the top bearing. So I tried to look up the part number myself and I can't find a schematic with the lower bearing. Anybody know the correct part number? Sorry guys I meant to put this in the YZ forum, But im guessing it is the same Thanks.
  4. I might take you up on that offer if I make it out.
  5. Steel Panther

    Thank You Leatt!

    "The point" is that the brace is taking some of the force of the crash away from the rider... That's like saying whats the point of water barrels on freeway exits if they break when someone crashes into them.
  6. Steel Panther

    Stupid Castle axle nut

    I prefer the bolt axle block kit, it comes with the honda style nut and allows you to keep a precise axle distance when you loosen the rear wheel.
  7. Steel Panther

    How to bleed rear brakes

  8. Steel Panther

    Aftermarket jet kits worth the time/ money?

    If the bike runs fine now you are most likely going to waste a lot of time to end up at the same spot you are now. Also, many of the bike specific threads on here have jetting data base for each bike, with different mods/elevations/temp etc and is a good reference to start with if your having jetting issues.
  9. Steel Panther

    O-ring Chains, Are They Worth It?

    A good o-ring chain will save you money in the long run, I would go through a ert2 every 6 months on my 450 before needing to replace it as well as the renthal sprockets. Ive been running the same rk GB520MXU chain (which is the lightest o ring on the market) for the last 13 months and its still in spec and I have very little sprocket wear.
  10. try out plasti dip, when you get sick of it it just peels off
  11. Steel Panther

    Suomy Helmets

    I have a shoei vfxw and a suomy mx jump and I dont ever wear the shoei anymore. The suomy is much lighter and quality is on par with the shoei
  12. Steel Panther

    Pro taper bar bends

    http://www.protaper.com/products/handlebars/contour there is a chart with all the bends on the website
  13. Steel Panther

    How long does your chain last?

    +1 on the rk gb520mxu, lasts like an o ring with the weight of a standard chain
  14. Steel Panther

    Does Anyone Play MX Simulator

    I can run mx sim on high quality on my hp envy laptop but I have to overclock it ( I use saphire trixx). Most new PC's (laptops especially) have switchable graphics and mx sim will not run well on the power saving GPU. The trick is to switch on the high power GPU. To do this you have to change the settings in HP bios or whatever system you have to allow you to manually switch the graphics card. If you don't know how to do it look up some youtube videos, its very simple. And as far as people who think the graphics suck, they do, unless you download some good tracks/bikes/graphics/gear, which is all free btw. Oh and a wired xbox controller is a must
  15. Steel Panther

    Does Anyone Play MX Simulator

    best mx game out there!