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  1. MotoRoku

    DEP Woods PipeYZ250.. Who has one?

    I had a DEP enduro pipe and Q stealth on my bike a few years back, I remember it all mounting up without any issues. I have an 02 as well.
  2. MotoRoku

    Honda VR sensors

    Thank you!
  3. MotoRoku

    Crf450x Carb Swap

    Does anyone know if a 2007 Crf450x carb will swap onto a 2003 Wr450f?
  4. MotoRoku

    Honda VR sensors

    Im looking for just the sensor, oem only provides stator and sensor together
  5. MotoRoku

    Honda VR sensors

    Does anyone know where to buy extra VR or CKP sensors for the CRF?
  6. MotoRoku

    HRC Tuner

    Oh ok, I've been trying to get the OBD2 one to work but having a lot of issues with it connecting. Does yours use the stock connectors?
  7. MotoRoku

    HRC Tuner

    Does anyone have one for sale? I already have the software just need the tuner
  8. MotoRoku

    CRF450r FI swap to 450x

    Still havent CMMed the cases to see where the VRs are in respect to the crank. But the X one seems to be in same location as one on the R. Also if teeth are in wrong spot, i will just make another flywheel. Ive set up FI on X's before but just did not like the complexities of other engine management systems so I was hoping the R FI would be an easier thing to set up I know JCR has done it, i will try getting ahold of them when the project progresses. But if need be I can always CNC a new ignition cover, a pain but really not that big of a deal.
  9. MotoRoku

    CRF450r FI swap to 450x

    Definitely going to give it my best shot, was just hoping someone had a head start haha
  10. MotoRoku

    EFI VR sensors

    Hello, Does anyone know the reason for the second VR sensor on the EFI bikes? Seems redundant to have a second Vr reading the same tooth pattern on the flywheel
  11. MotoRoku

    CRF450r FI swap to 450x

    The stock R flywheel actually fits on the X crank. So planning on running that
  12. MotoRoku

    CRF450r FI swap to 450x

    Planned on running R stator and wiring, im going to weld a bung to mount the second vr to the stock ignition cover. Need to make a custom intake anyways, and maps arent that hard to do. Need FI for a school project. Already know carbs make more power but whats the actual horsepower difference between carb and FI?
  13. MotoRoku

    CRF450r FI swap to 450x

    Has anyone tried to swap the crf450r fuel injection stuff over to x? Im going to try doing it this summer and have started piecing together parts Doesn't look too hard just was wondering if anyone had any insight.
  14. MotoRoku

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Anyone on here interested in a SuperFlow Flowbench? Have one that i was using to flow bench crf450 heads and need to sell it.
  15. MotoRoku

    Yz250 motor on yz 85 frame

    It's possible but a lot of work. There was a guy who put a kx500 in a kx80