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  1. I'm up to 30 hours on my new bike. I'm getting right at 55 miles range (then switch to reserve) on a stock tank (2.5 gals) and not sure if that's normal. So ~24 mpg. Was hoping for a little more. Float height is untouched but seems right, as it's hard to get it to dribble out the overflow line by tipping the bike way over, though I'm not sure if that's a good way to test. I use this bike for technical slow (but sandy) singletrack in the high desert (2k-5k elevation) with sporadic WOT fast sections. Stock jetting. Zero spooge. Runs great. You guys getting the same fuel economy on yours? Thanks
  2. What Sierra_rider said. And I did seriously consider the new GasGas, but their new pricing seemed excessive (high) and a SW Beta dealer made me a deal I didn't refuse on a '17 300RR Race. I'm all about riding something different than the rest of the herd, and have followed GG's rise from the ashes very closely over the past year. But, ultimately, I'm VERY happy with my new Beta yet do wonder what else the GG could offer. For $1,500 less, however, the choice to go with a tried and true new Beta was relatively easy. Perhaps I'll scoop up a used '18 GG in a couple years...
  3. Interesting... my best riding buddy has a '17 300RR w oil injection and his bike spooges A LOT more than my '17 300 Race w/o oil injection. We thought it would be opposite. He's running Motul 710 in the oil tank, just like I am in my gas (50:1). Back at the truck his pipe has a black snot line nearly all the way down and mine has a thin ring of spooge just around the silencer opening. Stock jetting in both bikes. Obviously, same atmospheric conditions. I don't get it.
  4. +1 Motul 710 has MUCH LOWER flashpoint than the 800, which is designed for "racing" ie. on the pipe (hotter combustion) most of the time. 710 is ideal for trail and aggressive offroad riders, as most of the time we're just off idle or short spurts of WOT. Don't jet for spooge, but do expect less spooge with a lower flashpoint oil (like 710) if primarily trail riding.
  5. Big Wheel Channel on YouTube is classy, accurate, and relevant motorcycle reporting at its best.
  6. Good thread. I've tried to repair my kickstand on my older Beta a couple times now... thought it was the 'slot'/fork in the kickstand spreading, so put it in a vise and gently squeezed it back together, but that didnt' really help. Didn't really think about the actual through hole getting widened and sloppy. Giv'er a try and report back, please.
  7. Big Golden fatty fan here, but the 90/100 Shinko 546 (copycat tread pattern and nearly as fat) for literally half the price is really, really great as well. Giv'er a shot next time!
  8. Removing the green valve tonight! Thank you! I've been scratching my head since I picked up my '17 300 Race about gas stains running down the head tube from the overflow hose. It's good to know the constant "wheezing"/farting sound from the tank area is from the cap check valve actually attempting to breath INTO the tank, not out. I L-O-V-E the actual performance/ride of my new bike, but man it's honestly been a little frustrating working through a few little manufacturing QC/attention to detail issues like this on a $10k bike.
  9. That's really cool... such a great way to raise $$$ for a good cause.
  10. I just can't agree with this part, Collin! I'd like to take a moment to publicly thank you for being (in my mind) a great Beta brand ambassador for the past few years. In actuality, you likely do know more than anyone else (in the USA) about these bikes, and were gracious about sharing your knowledge. You always responded to my emails regarding questions/concerns about my bike with detailed responses, and I really appreciate the time you took to help me work through some persistent issues with my '14 498RR. Good luck on a new brand this year, I'm sure you'll do well!
  11. Hmmm you sure? Sounds like the DC circuit only has 20 watts, and the high beam on that bulb is 30 watts. Check this out: Wrong thread to discuss this, but just wanted to give you a heads up.
  12. You needed a rectifier with the Cyclops 3600, right? Which rectifier did you go with? Worth the $$$? Thank you
  13. Okay, I bought 2 "universal" and 1 left and 1 right side Acerbis petcocks through Amazon. I have the 3.2 gal IMS tank with petcock on both sides, and will return whichever petcocks don't fit well. ~$35 solution for all new petcocks. I've been hearing that the ethanol gas in California is probably why the black gasket/seal in the stocker failed... it looks like it's been gnawed on by a rat. Hope the new ones last at least a couple years. Thanks guys.
  14. I haven't dealt with a leaky petcock before... do most people just replace the whole petcock and not rebuild/replace seals?
  15. Petcock leaks behind the lever/knob. I just need to replace the little black round plastic disk w 4 holes in it inside the stock Beta petcock. Local dealer hasn't had to rebuild a petcock yet and wasn't any help (Beta sells replacement petcocks for $45+), and parts fische just shows "petcock" w no individual parts. It's ~16.5mm in diameter, 4 holes ~9mm apart on center, ~3.3mm thick. I see a bunch of replacement "petcock gaskets" on eBay for Honda, Suzuki, Harleys, etc. Does anyone know a petcock gasket from another bike that will work for sure?