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  1. n2omike

    Endless Options I'm lost...

    Here is an article on the 2019 CRF-250F. Looks like it could be a nice bike, and only $250 more than the 230F it replaces. http://www.hondaprokevin.com/2019-honda-crf250f-review-specs
  2. n2omike

    Endless Options I'm lost...

    A couple of CRF230's for the boys, and the Yamaha for yourself... I think you made EXCELLENT choices! They kids will love those bikes, and will build all sorts of skills and confidence! I have a CRF230F that two of my kids have gone through, and it still runs great! Never had a major overhaul, just basic maintenance and valve lash. Those bikes DO pick up with a jet kit, as they are extremely lean from the factory. You can read on the forum what works, but I believe a 120 is the main to use. These bikes are also easy to work on, with everything right there in easy reach. They are great for the kids to learn some basic maintenance with! Once they get a little more advanced, the rear shock can get worked over, and the front forks can get some mods. For now, ENJOY!!!
  3. n2omike

    Endless Options I'm lost...

    THIS, THIS, THIS... EVERY bit of this! I'm 50 years old, rode all the time as a kid, and got back into bikes about 8-10 years ago. Started my kids out on 50's, and worked them up from there with trail riding. MX bikes do NOT belong on the trail. They are a PITA. They are geared all wrong, suspended too stiff, overheat, etc. Get some nice air cooled 4-strokes. I have a XR250 and an XR400 with mild mods. They are perfect, and the engines last forever if you take care of them, as they don't turn the stupid rpm of many of the modern machines. For your kids, the current crop of TRAIL bikes are what they will find success on. Lots of the ones on this list are GREAT to learn on. They can be found fairly cheap on the used market, and re-sold if an upgrade is planned. Back in the older days, a YZ wasn't a 'bad' trail bike. Nowadays, MX bikes are a lot more specialized, and don't work well anywhere but the track. Starting a kid on something too hyper will kill their learning, as they will never be able to ride it hard. They will always have to hold back in a big way. It's FUN when you can ride a bike all out. They need to build their skills and confidence on trail bikes, as they are a LOT more forgiving. Good Luck!
  4. n2omike

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    LOVE the 2005 Yamaha DT175! Bought a 1978 DT175 when I was around 13. It was in perfect shape. Still have it, but it's BEAT TO HELL now. lol Looks like the exact same engine, just the rest of it updated! Ours in the US went out of production in the very early 1980's. Would be cool to have one like that! Where are you located?
  5. n2omike

    XR250R Charging, Electrical Output Problem

    Fixed it. I went to do some stator checks, but had installed an aftermarket one that wires up slightly differently... especially when using it with the Baja Designs kit... so I got a little lost when chasing different colored wires... especially when they weren't all used anymore... so, hey, try lol I also have an XR400, and have an identical Baja Designs kit, yet to be installed on it. Most of the electronic guts, including the voltage regulator are located behind the front number plate, and are connected to everything else via two plugs. So, I unplugged 250's connectors, and plugged in the ones for the 400. Started the bike, and everything worked great! So... to further narrow down the problem, I plugged in the 250 head unit again, and just used the 400's battery. Worked great. Hmmm... must be the battery... so I plugged in the 250's battery again, and it still worked! lol So.... I guess there was either a bad connection, or something was shorting out. Going through all this mess... moving wires around, un-plugging and plugging in connectors, etc, must have mended the issue. I'll go through it some more, and make sure all the connections are good... as it's been close to 10 years since the kit was installed... but all is good for now. All that needs done now, is the forks.... and then installing the kits on the XR400 and CRF230. It's going to be busy. lol
  6. n2omike

    XR250R Charging, Electrical Output Problem

    The kit came with a battery pack, that has long since been dead... so I unplugged it to see what would happen, and it was the same thing. Very dim lights at idle, and even dimmer as it was revved up. Any ideas?
  7. I have a 2004 XR250R that has been dual sported with the Baja Designs kit. Everything has worked great for a few years, but now the lights barely burn. It actually works best at idle, and revving it up actually reduces output to pretty much nothing. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. Okay, it looks like the BBR "big bore" kit is 67.0mm, where the Pro-X is 67.5mm. Stock is 65.5mm. The BBR comes out to 233.3 cc The Pro-X comes out to 236.9 cc What is the max recommended overbore for the CRF230F? I have an XR250R, and they have super thick sleeves, and can go a full 5mm over! (284cc, although the 4mm 277 is most common) LOL How far over are most people going on the 230, come rebuild time? Thanks!
  9. n2omike

    How old is she?

    Hard starting can be carb, but valve lash getting too tight is also a strong possibility... especially if it doesn't feel like it has a lot of compression. Intake valves tend to recess into the head, tightening valve lash, causing compression to leak... and making the bike hard to start. Remove the tank, get a 15/16" wrench to remove the caps, a 12mm to adjust the exhaust rockers, a 10mm for the intake, and a screwdriver. The exhaust adjusts to 0.005" cold, the intake 0.004". Proper valve lash is KEY to making the bike easy to start. Good Luck!
  10. I don't plan on replacing the stock cam. A bigger cam needs more compression, so the higher compression would be a no brainer there. What I'm looking at right now, is the 2mm over Pro-X piston. It's 67.5mm, and the Cometic gasket is 68mm. If I were planning on a bigger cam, I'd definitely use the higher compression piston. Right now, it's just a trail bike for the kids, and durability/service life is more important than extra power. Sometimes, it's hot outside, grunting through tight trails... and I don't want to deal with detonation and overheating. Was just wondering what the quality was like on the Pro-X, and if there were any name brand, forged, stock compression pistons out there. Thanks for everyone's input!
  11. If memory serves, I run a 120 main. I think the 'power up' jetting kit used a 130 main, which is stupid rich. Bike has aftermarket air filter, air box may be opened up a bit... can't remember for sure, and I did some minor mods to the stock exhaust, including some drilling of the silencer insert. Bike runs great, but smokes... so it's time to do the top end.
  12. Thanks guys... I just read a link where a guy was having detonation problems with the higher compression piston, so that gave me some reservations. http://www.rickramsey.net/CRF230Fbigbore.htm
  13. Looking for a high quality, stock compression piston kit for a 2006 CRF230F. Do not need high compression, as I don't want to deal with pinging. Bike is stock, outside of air filter, jetting and mildly modified stock pipe. Everything I see, seems to be 11:1.... except for Pro-X... which I've never heard of. Would appreciate any actual experience and insight! Thanks!
  14. n2omike

    Removing a Bearing Race

    Had to replace the steering head bearings in my Honda XR400, and the races were hard to get to with a punch to knock out... so I used a trick I had read about... It involves running a weld bead across the face of the race. As the weld cools, it contracts and makes the bearing easier to remove! Well... The results! After welding, the races literally FELL OUT! The diameter of the new race was 1.850", but after welding, it shrunk to 1.838"! Running a bead on a race this size caused it to shrink 0.012"... enabling it to fall out! As a bonus, since it was just a bit undersized, it made the perfect driving tool to install the new race without getting stuck! After I was done, I installed a grease zert in the neck, and filled it with grease! Hopefully, that's the last time it will need changed.
  15. n2omike

    Rear Rack

    I have the XR's Only Billet Rack. It's a nice piece! Durable, too! I was jumping the bike, landed on the front wheel, did an endo, and landed on the rack. Subframe was bent and got replaced, but the rack was FINE, and got re-used! Here are some pics of when I first installed it. $119 on sale in the link a few posts up is a good price. Good Luck! Of course, if you want a serious rack for $199, you can get this one from http://cycleracks.com https://cycleracks.com/ProductDetail/tabid/87/ProductID/22/Default.aspx