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    Kawasaki KX250 2003

  2. AZ RID3R

    Kawasaki KX250 (2003)


  3. AZ RID3R

    Yamaha YFM700R Raptor 2006

  4. AZ RID3R

    Yamaha YFM700R Raptor (2006)


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    Honda CRF450R 2006

    Can be a headache...
  6. AZ RID3R

    Honda CRF450R (2006)


    Can be a headache...
  7. I have heard of Wildcat, But do not know the area it covers. Ive ridden a couple times from the end of needlerock rd that comes in from rio verde, az. below Bartlett. Is that part of Wildcat?. Like to try the area too. The other guys i talked to here, Spencer and Brian might be interested in that area too.
  8. Good to hear from you.. Not familiar with Boulders area. Been riding and Jeeping behind Pleasant a few times. Have an 06 CRF450R that hasnt been used in a couple years. Im out in Chandler. But it doesnt matter. As most of us city dwellers have to drive 20-40 miles to ride on average. Itching to get it back out on the trails. I'm interested in trying new areas, Such as Boulders, etc. Really a shame about Granite Mountain OHV... That was a classic, scenic, riding area.
  9. Sounds good Spencer. We'll have to meet up for a ride out Sycamore way. If not this weekend then maybe the next.. if I go out this weekend it would have to be Sat or Sun. Prefer a warm weather ride. Early morning can be quite nippy this time of year. Are you open to late morning arrivals. Like 10am-2pm rides. Or is it too hot still at this time?
  10. AZ Vet Desert Rider >>> Looking for other Phoenix desert riders to share the trails with. Prefer Intermediate + Vet Riders. Medium to Fast Pace AOK!!! For scenic AZ routes. Trails, Washes, Single Track, etc. Sycamore , 4 Peaks, The Rolls, Box Canyon, Bulldog Canyon, Desert Wells, etc. http://www.maricopa.gov/parks/ATVOHV.aspx Current garage: CRF450R Dirtbike , KX250 2-stroke Dirtbike, Raptor 700R Quad. Anyone got any ideas for weekend after thanksgiving? BTW... where did all the free rider forums go to announce rides? Like: ridingarizona.com ? Know of any good current ones? AZ RID3R / Chandler, AZ