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  1. TTRacer7

    Best track in the world?

    I agree! Definately the best track I have ridden! Although I haven't ridden all over the world. Lake Whitney is nice though!!!! But Cycle Ranch kicks ass!
  2. TTRacer7

    shifting in the air

    Ok, listen here, if you've ever ridden in an 18-wheeler, with anyone who has been driving for over a month, you will notice the clutch is not used, only for take-offs. That is because they utilize what is called a clutch-stop-plate. When you engage the clutch, the clutch-stop-plate hits against the push rod which pushes against the gears, this in turn creates added pressure that is unnecessary. This is also true with a dirtbike transmission. You can use the clutch, especially if you want to stay on the gas and shift, but the clutch is not necessary and will eventually wear faster that normal if you use it all the time as opposed to powershifting with out the clutch. You can do it even easier in the air with out a clutch because there is no load on the transmission. There. Case-closed.
  3. TTRacer7

    Check out my 9 year old

    Yeah, I do ride there alot, every race, and if I'm not there I'm racing somewhere else. The reason I knew that was the junior track was cuz I spent many a hours on that track one the ol TTR! haha
  4. TTRacer7

    Helmet cam video of my local track

    Well Transworld just interviewed him in their "In Staging" and he's like 5' 3", but he's 14 so I don't know if he'll be moving up soon. He said he'll move up when he turns 15, and he just turned 14. But he had been riding the RMZ250 and liked it alot, but he had to roll to a tree to stop cuz he couldn't touch!
  5. TTRacer7

    Check out my 9 year old

    ROOST, that's Cycle Ranch isn't it!? Do you ride there alot? Where do you live? I live in Boerne. 30 miles north of SA.
  6. TTRacer7

    Selling my 2004 yz250f

    According to my sources, yes... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . but of course my sources are Transworld! Haha
  7. TTRacer7

    Selling my 2004 yz250f

    Wow dude...you're showin some real stupidity here. Considering that the CRF250 makes 32HP and the YZ125 makes 38HP, I would classify your statement as invalid. I know that it doesn't matter how much power, but how the power is displayed, but come on! A YZ200F probably wouldn't even be able to match a dual sport like a DRZ. (I know I'm gonna get flamed for this, but go ahead and do it.) JUST MY OPINION!
  8. TTRacer7

    Tie down damage suspension?

    Exactly right, don't strap it down much, just enough to keep it from moving. The dealership that I got my KXF from had the forks BOTTOMED out strapped to a trailer. It had a blown fork seal. They replaced it for me though!
  9. TTRacer7

    Lorettas star watch

    Watch out for Lindsay Myers, reigning from New Braunfels, Texas, racing the Women's 99cc & up 12plus. She is 14, riding an RM100, the only Supermini in that class, everyone else is running 125cc+, she got 20 out of 42 first moto! That includes all the big hitters, including, JESSICA PATTERSON, Sarah Whitmore, and many others! GO LINDSAY! Villopoto did great, got a bad gate in 125 Pro Sport, started in 32nd place, came back to second place! Great job Villopoto!
  10. Wow y'all jump to conclusions quick! This jump is HUGE, the biggest I have ever seen. The pictures definately downsize the jump. I have personally never tried the jump but plan to in the near future. It is 135 foot jump, I was at the track the day that the owner measured it. The owner is the nicest guy around, for sure. I've only seen one 125 class bike do it and that was Justin Brown #77 KTM125. Fastest person I have ever seen in my life! LOL
  11. The track is in much better shape now, but it's still no Cycle Ranch! It gets one lined during practice, but race days are alright. I'm coming out to race #25 KX250F and my friend #625 CRF250 and #44 YZ250
  12. TTRacer7

    James Stewart shoulder surgery

    I know, BUT I WANNA SEE THE SISTER MAN!!!! Please post a picture. Please! LOL
  13. TTRacer7

    First time

    Hey, I ride Cycle Ranch alot! The dirt is the best in the world! Are you gonna race this weekend at Steel Horse? I'll be there, look me up #25 KX250F and my friends #625 CRF250 and #44 YZ250
  14. TTRacer7

    Tim Wiegand- HUGE Jump!

    You know, he cased it pretty hard, but he probably woulda cased it harder if it hadn't been for that bump, the bump gave him alot of extra preload/lift off the face. That was huge though! Took about 10 seconds for me.