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  1. pkley

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Going riding at Stonyford on Saturday, unless the snow is too low? I typically stage out of Wolf Creek, head up the ridge and ride 20. Is it possible to cross from 20 down into the teens? Otherwise I'll head down 2 and come back up 23 or 26 for a nice loop. Open to other suggestions to stay out of the snow...or I could head to CC Camp? Haven't ridden there in years, not sure how much is out of the snow.
  2. pkley

    I gotta ask?

    Why not ask this question in the DRZ forum, you'll have a much higher probability of someone knowing the answer to this question. Yes there are some thumpettes with the DRZ, but that's a bit of a technical question that few can answer readily.
  3. pkley

    Ride Report - Chappie Shasta - 4/3

    I'll second that Zeke, red sticker is NOT an issue in NorCal.
  4. pkley

    Be nice or not be nice..

    Bottom line is as everyone said - you break it you buy it. However, if they were the stock bars, they were going to bend/break the first time someone laid it down. Replace them yourself (as you're going to do). If they were aftermarket bars he would have had to really wreck to bend them...he should pay.
  5. pkley

    Name That Wiener!

    What the hell is wrong with you? Quit spamming other peoples threads with crap like that...
  6. pkley

    Rd 1 National Hare and Hound

    crap crap crappy...sorry Tresa
  7. pkley

    Girl beats all the boys!

    Um, you're not very bright...so we just watched the olympics, why no girls competing against the boys? At the top level of most sports the girls just can't QUITE keep up with the boys. What you're saying is that they 'just don't want it enough'. SURE... in GENERAL, all things being equal (desire, motivation, natural ability) a boy will beat a girl. In GENERAL... so for a girl to beat ALL the boys in her class who presumably wanted to win (and not be beat by a girl) is freakin awesome! It means she's got extraordinary talent, athleticism and drive. Not knockin the girls, I know for sure there are definitely some thumpettes that could easily outride me any day, even on my best days. gruberyz - you're daughter has something to be proud of, that's for sure! p.s. I love seeing chicks on the trails - something about the hair flipping out from under the helmet makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (course most time's I see that it's DRZCat...)
  8. pkley

    48 Days....

    DRZCat is in the same boat. Got the 150RB and has only gotten to ride it once. I've taken it out though, what a fun bike! Hard to keep the front end down for sure! Unfortunately she doesn't do well in cold or hot so her riding season is a bit short. FMS stinks!!! Anyone have heated gloves???
  9. Awesome! What kind of elephant ears are those? Are they home-made? We definitely need some, just don't want to spend any $$ on them...
  10. pkley

    Man Advice

    Uh, actually if you remember WAAAAAAAAAAAYY back, people had a hard time getting onto ThumperTalk because it used to be a porn site :lol:
  11. pkley

    Ladies that ride

    wow, talk about resurrection... I miss Thorina! Hope all is well there.
  12. pkley


    'puts up with my crap' best basis for a long lasting marriage - provided you both feel that way... I often wonder why on earth she puts up with me. She can't figure out why I treat her so well! 12 years and still can't believe we have such an awesome relationship! congrats!
  13. pkley

    Man Advice

    uh, you were the one who posted the thong pic originally...not tresa. you can probably go back to wearing a thong for her if you wish and not be afraid she'll post it. besides, how do male porn stars dress anyway? about as much as this guy I'm guessing =>
  14. pkley

    Too big?

    Awesome! That should be a good bike for you and last at least a little while unless you end up being an agressive rider... It'll end up feeling a bit small ergonomically, at least for me - 5/6 145lbs. It's a bit tough to stay close to the tank for me which resulted in way too many power wheelies with the front end a few inches off the ground. Just be mildly cautious with hammering the throttle if you're a little towards the rear of the seat, that's all I'm sayin!
  15. pkley

    Drz400 vs wr250r

    Can't speak to the DS part of it, but I did the dirt switch... 2001 z400 to a 2003 WR250f. You say the 400 is cold blooded? It shouldn't be in Florida!!! Get it rejetted! I moved away from the 400 due to how heavy it was and how small I am - 5'6 145 lbs. I loved the grunt and power of the 400 but got tired of its weight. The 250 is WAY quicker, far more nimble and at least 30-50 lbs lighter. You'd be surprised how much that weight matters after dumping it on the trail a couple times. Only rarely do I miss the tractor power of the 400. If you really don't do much street riding the 250 will be fine. Not sure about top speed as I don't have a speedo on the dirt model, but believe me the 250 can easily outpace the DRZ400 up to a point. If you're concerned about get up and go, the 250 will blow you away compared to the DRZ.