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    TNT in Chester SC is apparently closed

    I hate that TNT closed down. Lots of fond memories there. Looking on Google Maps, it looks like mother nature has consumed most of the tracks.
  2. IBeInNC

    2017 TE 250

    I would love to hear your comparison/opinion of your TE vs your FX. The FX seems to be a well put together package.
  3. IBeInNC

    Trade Opinions

    I've always wanted to see what the buzz is about with the 200. I have an opportunity to trade my 2004 250 exc for a 2002 200 exc. I primarily ride tight single track these days and weigh 150 in the nude. Is the 200 a "better" fit for me? Is the weight and size between the 250 and 200 that noticeable? Both bikes are in similar mechanical condition. Thoughts?
  4. IBeInNC

    Trade Opinions

    What if the trade were for a similar condition '09 200 XC?
  5. IBeInNC

    Educate me on KX85 reeds

    My son's '07 isn't running up to snuff. Heavy on the spooge and no grunt down low. You have to slip the clutch aggressively to get it rolling from a start. Pulled the carb for a thorough cleaning and noticed one reed isn't closing completely. So...... now I'm looking for advice on replacements. V-force? If so, which "model" Stock replacement? Boyesen stock replacement? Bike info: 2007, stock bore, don't recall the jetting-will update tomorrow, 150 psi compression, stock pipe, son rides low in the power band... Help me out. Thanks
  6. IBeInNC

    YZ/WR 200 Project

    I picked this gem up a couple of months ago. Along with the bike came a spare frame and "roached" engine. This thread has me drooling over your 125 hybrid!
  7. IBeInNC

    Help Spend My Money

    I ended up finding a 2005 250exc. Many new parts and misc accessories for 2,200. Now time to make some improvements.
  8. What I have is a $5,000.00 budget to build/buy two woods machines. One for me, one for my 15 year old son. We are looking strictly at 200-300cc two strokes. Should we go after a pair of cheap Japanese motocrossers and build to our liking? Maybe start with a KDX 200/220 and go from there? For those of you who have built your own trail specific machines, where would you begin if you had to do it all over again? Thanks in advance!
  9. IBeInNC

    Help me decide...

    I'm in the market for an orange bike to hit the trails with. I have tracked down two fairly priced bikes. One is a 2005 250exc in extremely well kept condition. I can pick this one up for 2,200. Bike number two is a 2008 200xc that I'm considering at 2,500. This one seems to be in great shape as well. At a $300.00 spread, which one would you pursue and why? I'm kind of leaning towards the 200 but would like to hear some opinions. Thanks
  10. IBeInNC

    Help me decide...

    Update: The 200 owner is now looking for 2,700 firm and sent a few more pictures. It's definitely not as clean as I anticipated. 2005 250 exc: 2008 200xc:
  11. IBeInNC

    Help Spend My Money

    Thanks for the advise thus far. I knew it was going to be a challenge to find what I was looking for within my budget. I lucked out over the weekend as was able to score a newly restored 1992/93 (haven't checked the vin yet) Yamaha WR200. This is rare and often unheard of trail bike from the early 90's. 200cc, new cylinder, new head, new crank seals, new plastics, powder coated frame, spare frame and plastics, so on and so on. All for $1,500.00 This thing is a nice mild mannered ride that is perfect for my son. One bike down, one to go... What can I score for $3,500.00?..
  12. I have an opportunity to buy a 2010 250sx. The owner says nothing is wrong except that it is stuck in second gear. Brief search brings up a few threads about a simple spring fix. Others mention a 5mm bolt. I love project bikes, but I need a rider at the moment. If this happens to be an easy fix I am worried if I will "like" the bike or be looking to unload it. I'm looking to get on a 2t and set it up for woods. Questions: 1. Is this an easy repair? 2. How much is the repair going to set me back? 3. Is this the wrong bike to consider for woods riding? Thanks
  13. Yep. Quick search tells me 2006 and up. The search is on! Thanks
  14. I just read this thread from start to finish and it is getting bookmarked for sure! I am looking at picking up a new X for myself as well as searching for an older 250 for my 15 year old son. I would be modifying the older bike to "X-specs" using most of the suggestions you guys have made. Questions: What year 250 should I use as a starting point? It seems that the X CDI may work on years as far back as 2002? I know there weren't many changes along the way, but is there a particular year cut-off I should be shopping for? Thanks
  15. All, I am currently on a 2009 Husaberg FE450 and am considering a switch to a KTM 300 XC-W. My reason for the switch is the lure of less weight. While I love my 450, it works me pretty hard in the tight technical stuff... I posted this same question in the Husqvarna section (TE300) but haven't received any feed back. Have any of you made the leap from a 450 4-stroke to a 300 2-stroke? Who has made the switch? Pros? Cons? Regrets? Expectations? Thanks
  16. All, I am currently on a 2009 Husaberg FE450 and am considering a switch to a Husqvarna TE300. My reason for the switch is the lure of less weight. While I love my 450, it works me pretty hard in the tight technical stuff... Who has made the switch? Pros? Cons? Regrets? Expectations? Thanks
  17. ^ What??????? No neck brace????
  18. IBeInNC


    Sounds like your choke is stuck.
  19. IBeInNC

    Lets see some trick ttr125's

    2004LE with a kx100 suspension swap.
  20. Any luck finding anything? I'm also in Mooresville and would love to find a local trail.
  21. IBeInNC

    TT-R 125 Frame Cradle for Sale Anywhere?

    I ordered one from Cli-Max Riding Gear a couple of days ago from these guys. I received an email today stating it will not arrive until 6/9/15. www.Cli-MAXRidingGear.com Phone: (469) 675-3044
  22. IBeInNC

    TTR125/YZ85 Conversion

    Does it matter if you start with a small wheeled TTR as a foundation for this conversion? Are there any particular years that "work" better than others?
  23. Exactly. Take the "books" for what they are worth. They represent a small percentage of actual used dirt bike sales. Like others have said, the market drives the price.
  24. Aren't the "books" calculated through recorded sales? I don't know about you guys, but I don't report any private party used sales figures to anyone collecting that information. Wife included shhhhhhhh.