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  1. starmoto

    xr 80 runs but not well

    make sure its got the right spark plug in it and use compressed air to clean the carb out again. you didnt say what year though, might need points tuning.
  2. starmoto

    Replacing the head gasket

    FWIW, I dont use sealer with metal head gaskets unless there is some obvious surface imperfections on the head or cylinder.
  3. starmoto

    new wireless Bell speedometer for 19.99 at target

    these are pretty cool! I got one from wallymart that looks almost identical but its a schwinn brand and it reads higher mph. I dont know how much higher but Ive seen 62mph indicated. I had to program the wheel sizes with trial and error by comparing it to a GPS reading.
  4. starmoto

    older xr80/100 pics!

    nice work with the photo shoot perceptionist! hows it ride? you posted this right before the board changed and locked me out! just now getting back in LOL bike looks great with a black seat and number backgrounds! great photo man! I might have to try that sometime.
  5. starmoto

    Engine ID #'s - What year???

    good info Chuck thanks. I have an Engine that starts with HE08E any idea what year this one is? I also need info on XR100 frame numbers to determine the year, got anything?
  6. starmoto

    1985 xr80r mostly new, carbon fouling

    you have to disassemble it to notice the wear incase you didnt know. the photo thread is here in the 80-200 section: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=579192 you'll see an '85 I had that was near mint condition. I still have three other '85s (my favorite year) you can sand the tanks with an orbital sander to get the color back starting with 220g if its really bad progress in stages to 600g or if youre handy with a straight edge razor blade you can scrape off the faded layer of plastic by holding the blade perpendicular to the surface and pulling it accross, move in fast motion so it dont jitter or skip and it will stay smooth then polish out when done a heat gun will also restore faded plastics but better practice on a junk peice first because you have to move the heat just right so it dont melt. make sure the tank is empty and dry with no lid on it.
  7. starmoto

    1985 xr80r mostly new, carbon fouling

    '85 eh? post a pick in the OLDER XR thread! sounds like its had lots of TLC you may want to pull the flywheel and make sure the advance mechinism has not worn grooves causing it to hang. if its not getting full advance I think that might cause extra carbon from not burning the fuel mixture as completely as possible. I mix grease and anti sieze together and then dab it on the areas where the advance mechanism moves as to try an limit the wear in that area. I dont know if thats your problem but it seems you have covered everything else and thats the only other thing I could think of. it is an old bike and probably has worn groves there but even if it has and you dont have a better replacement the grease will work for quite a while. the plus side to having points ignition on these is that when they are right they advance more and quicker than CDI also consider an irridium spark plug, they are hard to foul even with oil burners.
  8. starmoto

    XR80 tires?

    if your skills are as good as they are going to get then youre just kidding yourself no matter what level of experience. I say scooter tires because thats all thats available in the form of a semi slick for these 80 rims. slicks or dualsport tires will imrpove anyones skills but for some of us it adds to the fun factor but you gotta put fear and ego aside first to get to that level. if its all about the "roost" for you then why are you riding an 80?
  9. starmoto

    older xr80/100 pics!

  10. starmoto

    XR80R rear susp swap

    80 and 100 shocks are the same legnth but the 100 has a slightly thicker spring/rate the 100 forks and swingarm should raise it about an inch but I personally prefer the 80 set up w/100 engine and custom forks/shock. keeps it lite.
  11. starmoto

    XR80 tires?

    run the dualsport tires.. specifically the trailwings made for an XL80S or you could mount enduro/trials tread made for an earlier XL75 these dont look like it but they offer more grip off road than the dualsport treads. this will improve riders skill. then later mount some scooter tires ala supermoto if your really serious about improving skills. this saves on tire bills too unless youre riding and sliding on pavement. knobbies are for novice riders except when racing MX and only then if you plan on a podium otherwise whats the point? seriously give this some consideration. I offer it as sound advice.
  12. starmoto

    Can you remove the kick starter shaft/gear for good?

    yes, just remove it and plug the cover. I dont think the case needs plugged on the XR100 though. Ive seen some plugged up with JB weld that didnt leak but a machined out and o-ringed billit is probably best, or weld it up but that might distort the case some .
  13. starmoto

    Service Honda's CRF150R/XR100 Conversion!!!

    239cc DANG! whats the largest knock off from the Honda horizontal thump now? converted. heres the real thing: I remember them well (1st bike)
  14. starmoto

    big bore kits for 80's ??

    00drz, I meant drive chain gearing. and Im sure that not all big bore kits are created equal, the wall thickness is what counts, if its thin it will make more heat, not good. Im not opposed to BBKs, Id get one if I had a stock cylinder that was too far gone to re-use but as far as just installing one just for the extra power that would be at the end of my list of upgrades personally. displacement is no match for rider ability, it wont mask lack of skill. the best way to hone your riding skill is with underpowered machinery, at some point you should be able to make up for lack of power. it's also been said that it is more fun to go fast on a slow bike than slow on a fast bike. I like the 80s physical size more the fact that they are lighter is cake. I'm 5'9", Im sure if I was much more larger I might prefer the 100s physical size over the 80s. to solve the lack of suspension and bottoming out issues Ive adapted a rather large cbr900rr rear shock which is a tad overkill but I like having fully adjustable rebound and dampening and zero chances of bottoming out. the front Ive modified the valving, springs and oil on the 80s forks. I would like to go with inverted fork conversion at some point but that does weigh things down a bit too and mines fine just about everywhere as long as I land ther rear wheel first. in some situations thats very hard to do and/or not possible so I take it easy in those spots but they are few and far between. it really all comes down to rider preferance, you have to decide ussually by trial and error your own personal preferances. mine are to have fun above all else. thats the main reason I love the XR100s/80s! Ive also got faster/bigger bikes now so maxing out displacement in my minis is not a high priority for me like it was when I was a little kid. just keep the fun factor above all else and the skills/speed are sure to follow.
  15. starmoto

    CR85 / XR Hybrid... Which Motor?

    what? is it liquid cooled? off to google..