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  1. dogman


    Where in Canada and what dealer is this?
  2. dogman

    04 Dr. D pipe on a 05?

    From a 04 CRF250R will this Dr. D pipe work on a 05 CRF250R?
  3. dogman

    2005 cylinder heads

    Why exactly are you guys getting new heads?
  4. dogman

    04 Dr. D on an 05 crf250r

    Does an 04 DR.D pipe and can fit and work on a 05 CRF250R?
  5. dogman

    04 CRF250R and valve problems?

    There's no solid info yet on whether SS valves are a fix or if the 05 is fixed. It won't matter how you ride it.
  6. dogman

    X Rt Intake 0 Clearance... Cam Removal Question

    If your a 0 clearance you likely need a new valve and springs, as well as getting the seats recut.
  7. dogman

    How Honda-Japan treats their customers

    Can we trade bikes, I'd like to see how they deal with the valve issue. Maby call them and ask.
  8. dogman

    Received a phone call from American Honda today

    that is interesting, the guy who fixed my valves told me always to put the bike to top dead center when hitting the kill switch, he said the heat would rise into the valve area or something and it could cause a problem eventually top dead center closes the valves keeping the heat out
  9. dogman

    2005 CRF 250 Ride report

    I already got my licks when I broke my collar bone 2 weeks ago man. And like I said, no offense to the guys. When a guy like Tom Morgan says the bike has a design defect I figure its reasonable.
  10. dogman

    2005 CRF 250 Ride report

    No offense dave and hondaboy but neither of you know what your talking about, alot of people are having the valve problems and it isn't poor maintenance. Unless you have knowledge don't spew useless crap and if you don't have problems then enjoy it, don't make it harder for those that do.
  11. dogman

    Valves went to Zero ... AGAIN!!

    The springs on mine were compressed a bit.
  12. dogman

    Valves went to Zero ... AGAIN!!

    I know your pain too well. call ted, he fixed mine. ted greenwood txm racing engines - 705-435-3898 www.txm-raceengines.com
  13. I've posted before the problems I've had with the valves on my CRF250R. I found a guy who said he had a fix, he did the fix and I wiped out big breaking my collar bone. I was hoping to ride it a bit more and post that the fix really worked but cant so here is a summary. Original valves went after about 40 hrs. Right intake lost clearance and the valves were damaged. Exhausts were ok. 2nd set lost clearance after 4 rides. They were installed by a very well known and experienced wrench. 3rd set TXM did the fix, replaced the intakes and exhausts. Rode 3 times hard and the left intake went down to about 4.5 thou, the right was spec. Rode 2 more times and the left intake went to 4 thou, right was still spec. Took it back for a shim on the left intake and rode twice before my crash. This guy did the fix: Ted Greenwood txm racing engines - 705-435-3898 www.txm-raceengines.com He wont say what he does but i am very happy so far. his price was very reasonable and he is really into engines and HP. He has taken an inside look at a 05 engine ( Walton )and his first thought is it isnt fixed. NOT good news as i wanted an 05. I recommend you guys contact him if you have had the valve problem. cheers typing with one hand sucks
  14. dogman

    Shimmed right intake...still no clearance

    if you've got small clearance like that the valves are probably damaged.
  15. dogman

    2005 CRF250R frame

    I saw the 05 yesterday and the frame didn't look any different.