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  1. st0k3d

    Wmx Reduced To 1 Moto

    There shouldn't even be WMX. If a woman is fast enough to qualify, than she races the same class as anyone else. Its BS they get there own class. If none are fast enough to qualify, oh well keep practicing just like the boys have to. This isn't football where the smaller person is going up against 300lb guys. Ricky Carmichael is smaller than most of those girls racing. WMX is a waste of my time at the MX races that you are forced to watch in between moto's.
  2. st0k3d

    Zombie Foot!

    It happens to the best of us. Im currently down and out with this guy. Best wishes for a speedy recovery
  3. st0k3d

    Got bit by my CRF

    Ah I had my ACL done last summer. Knee isnt quite 100%, than again I slacked on rehab.... never again Thanks buddy
  4. st0k3d

    Got bit by my CRF

    +1 best of luck to you in your recovery
  5. st0k3d

    Got bit by my CRF

    I was pushing it a little to hard through a rhythm section i caught something high sided (chad reed'ed) myself into the take off of the next jump landing all my weight on my left shoulder. I was definitely riding past my skill level, trying to triple everything on the track and screwed myself.
  6. st0k3d

    Got bit by my CRF

    Kinda cracked off. Its half attached still on the bottom section
  7. st0k3d

    Got bit by my CRF

    Ew. Nasty Your probably right about the hardware/surgery. I already have some in my knee. I just want to be healed up already
  8. st0k3d

    Got bit by my CRF

    Damn for some reason they don't want to do surgery on me. I told the doctor just cut me open, lay it flush and zip a couple screws in.
  9. st0k3d

    Got bit by my CRF

    took a spill at the MX track the other day. Bike is fine. My humerus... not so much. Done riding or hell anything for next 3 months
  10. st0k3d

    Boondocker Turbocharged 450RMZ

    As much as I love turbochargers, they have no business on a MX bike.
  11. st0k3d

    Are 2 strokes coming back?

    They never went anywhere, as long as it isn't red or green you can buy as many as you want. Consumer demand dropped on them. At there current pace I would never buy one again. The thumpers kick to much ass. Hence why we are on a forum called THUMPER talk, not two stroke talk
  12. st0k3d

    Leaving the 450 family will miss you guys/gals

    Sounds like you know what your doing. I'm sure you will be back. Just don't start dumping money into the mini. For whatever reason I had the idea of building a KLX110, what a mistake that was. Tons of money and essentially no reward. Anyone want a modded klx110? LOL
  13. st0k3d

    Factory connection questions

    Just want to update. I have rode the bike about 4 times now on 2 different tracks and could not be happier with how it rides. My lap times have significantly improved, as has my jumping, turning, whoops-ability and overall confidence. My back also feels way better after a day of riding than it used to. I had a local factory connection dealer at my track help me get the bike dialed in a bit better than how it came (which was good already). He made a couple changes, I did a couple laps than continued No regrets what so ever
  14. I am pretty sure you can thank the internet and mail order catalogs for that one. Influx competition means less profit means less free time and freebies. It is VERY tough for local business these days. That being said we have a couple privately owned shops around here that are very good and make up for the poor dealerships One shop run by Andrew Presto in Deer Park NY goes one step further and helps everyone out at the local track, tunes suspension, fixes flats etc