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  1. http://rt-now.com/2011/03/27/10-hottest-sports-reporters/ Erin makes the list congrats ,Erin .
  2. Is wey hurt bad ?his twitter is dark and no one has had a update on his condition. last I saw he was lawn darting then heading to the er on backboard .his wreck was crazy .hope he's ok it's just eerie not hearing anything.
  3. Have you bleed the brake fluid until new clear fluid comes out bleed screw.that's a start if your feeling a mushy lever probly a little air in system ...some good YouTube how toos if you need assistance.also get a can of brake cleaner and clean rotor and pads profusely ...Oversize kits cost about 200$ if you buy a steel brake line and new pads your half way there .my oversize kit came with pads and made my bike stop sooner with better modulation .
  4. If number7 go pro Shows a track worker interfering with his race and causing him to wreck what then ? If this circumstance is true then he should be awarded first place points .
  5. http://www.fixya.com/motorcycles/t4193752-kawasaki_kx250f_seems_overheating_sat Cooling sytem is not functioning .hope link helps.
  6. I am Sure you have lined up holes in oil filter cover to match oil flow holes....
  7. 275-450

    2012 KX450 concerns

    Totally normal If choke nobs out same here...
  8. Favorite mod is the black "hard pack"coupler .for real !it pulls third in way more places with heaps of low end with a more linear power delievery .really impressed with this on a hard pack supercross track.Enzo revalve w springs (decent result.),fmf rct megabomb. Fc Radiator braces.xring chain.Hour meter,race gas.
  9. Think it's a. Water pump I noticed that on mine to .
  10. I say NASCAR incentives were the cherry at jgr cant blame the guy. Mabye he will be riding for a San Manuel Suzuki?
  11. Ripped my inner oring on oil filter cover.any ideas if it's a bad idea to ride with just the outer seal seems to not leak .but i don't know if I will lose pressure beetween those orings since inner is compromised .just a one Sunday problem. http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/oem-parts/KAWASAKI/2006/KX450F/OIL-FILTER
  12. Do you Understand James was talking about how he sustained a broken hand On the Toronto speed coverage phone Interview .the next weekend James is racing in Houston .must be a nasty break! As for your banter about pay and diagnosis ect keep in mind jgr doesnt know what James future is so your perfect hypothesis is flawed.
  13. Injured my ass !!!after his get toff in Houston he was interviewed he said he was fine . he could of remounted then i am sure he would have if tittle was on the line .but i saw him walk away.his look of disgust was evident on his face not a painful look but a disgusted hate my bike look... So his website is saying he was injured in a heat race at Indy but he was okay to go for Houston ...
  14. Stewart and jgr parting ways would not be a shocker to me .If you wrecked most every weekend you would demand a change I would think.Odd not even jgr knows what is up with js7? Guess outdoors is optional in his contract? http://www.motocross.com/features/jgrjames-stewart-teleconference/ "Last year, it wasn’t a secret; I did struggle with the bike. But I think this is the opportunity to come here and do something special with these guys. "James Stewart Jeremy Albrecht ‏ @Jbonejgr @AndrewShortMX29 can you get me Freds #? we would like to talk with you about OD this year.
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