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  1. You're right. I need to add that component. I knew I was forgetting something
  2. Thanks for the reply, 01erionracing. Those pics do help. I attached a new drawing to make it easier to understand. I did some research, and I think the way to wire everyhing is drawn below. I will not be needing a inverter, since I wont be running any 110V without the generator or shore power. So is the diagram correct?
  3. Hello all, I just picked up a 2006 6' x 12' Enclosed Trailer (V-Nose). The trailer has 2 very small interior lights only. I want to add more electrical components to make my visits to the track and camping grounds more comfortable. I have absolutely no experience in the electrical department, and will need to hire a professional to wire my trailer. (i could attempt to do myself, but just dont know where to start or what I need to buy, etc) This brings me to my question about the wiring. I need to know excactly what I will need, and how to route the wiring to complete the job(converter, inverter, 110V panel, 12V panel, fuse boxes, wire guage, etc.). Knowing this information will help describe what I need when getting some bids on this project. I will using 2 6V Trojan golf cart batteries. I will also be running a generator to power all the 110V. I would like to have an RV inlet for shore power and and 110V inlet plug(to generator;champion 3500 watt). I also plan to insulate the inside of the trailer after all electrical is complete. 12 Volt: (7) Recessed Lights (LED) with rocker switch (will make a switch panel) Electric Tongue Jack Stereo w/ (2) speakers and 2 channel Amplifer Vent Fan Water Pump/Heater (sink) Porch Light (LED) with rocker switch Reverse Light (2) Flood Lights 15" TV (2) 12V Inlets (coffee maker, etc) 110 Volt: Mobile A/C unit Mini Fridge Microwave (3) 110V Outlets (1) 110V Inlet I would really appreciate any input, Thanks, Alex Sunny Socal