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  1. I recently bought an '05 CRF230 that my girlfriend rides and she loves it, but I thought it was loud and removed the 3 bolts on the end of the silencer and removed the spark arrestor insert and I do not see any packing in the exhaust. Am I missing something? I ride a YZ250 2 stroke for years now and I am always repacking my Turbine Core 2 since I ride it quit a bit but I bought this bike from a guy who say it is totally stock. Bottom line is should this silencer be packed full of 4 stroke exhaust packing.
  2. Any other help out there?
  3. I should have noted that the Big Sky race is in Montana and the base elevatioon is 7000 ft
  4. I am driving out from Georgia to race the Big Sky Hare Scramble in 2 weeks. I see that it is a no jetting area so I am going to have to go with my best guess. I am currently racing/riding around 1000 ft above sea level most of the time and Im running a 172 main jet. 50 pilot with the N3EW needle on the 2nd clip from the top. I was thinking about going to a 168 main and a 48 pilot and one leaner on the needle. I am also running a Boyesen rad valve. Otherwise it is a stock YZ250. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My big cocncern is being too rich and fouling plugs. If im too lean and I can finish the race then so be it. Ill rebuild it when I get home. Thanks again, Walt
  5. I am driving out from Atlanta GA to race the Big Sky Hare Scramble on August 27th. I was looking for a riding area to check out the mon or tue after the race. My girlfriend is bringing her bike as well but is not racing. I race the East Coast Hare Scramble series and the GNCC series and love the steep and tight stuff but we were hoping to get in a day of riding on some fairly easy open trails. Nothing too tight or steep and most of all Legal. More of an easy sightseeing riding day so she can get some seat time out west. Any suggestion are greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Walter
  6. 600ish

    Aftermarket tanks for alum frame YZ250

    I have a bunch of pics of my 2005 YZ250 with a Clarke 3.1 It fits great. Dozens of races on it and no complaints. Check out the Moab UT pics. www.putfile.com/walnish
  7. 600ish

    Topend life for a below average racer

    What the hell is a KTX???
  8. 600ish

    OEM Pistons ring colors??

    That does help!! Thanks for everyones help on this. Walt:thumbsup:
  9. I have been running a wiseco piston in my '05 YZ250 with good results, but I was looking at the OEM pistons on Yamaha of Troys site and I see the Piston say STD.(standard) but it says either Red, Orand, Green, and Purple UR(Upper Ring I assume?) Someone educate me as to the different sizes of the the different color upper rings. Thanks. Walt
  10. 600ish

    Aonia Pass question

    I don't think you can ride the trails other than in the races they have there. I may be wrong, but I know that all of the races in the SORCS, SETRA and GNCC series are well marshalled and you will not be left to die out there. They do sweep the trails after the race.
  11. I am heading out to Moab for a few days of riding in a few weeks and I am used to threading trees all up and down the east coast racing Hare Scrambles and GNCC's, but I have raced Vegas to Reno in '05, so I have a little experience out there. Any tips on riding in that part of the country would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to a few days of some different terrain and scenery.
  12. Here is a clip minus audio(my mic is broken) from my point of view and the second video is from my friend Jeremys' helmet cam. I am 2 bikes to his right in blue/white gear on a black YZ250. In the first video he is the rider on the KTM who passes me in the second turn with the mohawk on his helmet:thumbsup: This is from the SORCS( www.sorcs.net ) Hare Scramble in Sparta GA on 6/10 Great course and perfect dirt. Team race on these trails in late July. Two or 3 riders, ride your own bike. 8 hrs. It will be fun for sure. Click here to watch SORCS-BeaverCreek-Dam--B-Start http://media.putfile.com/Sparta-part-1-start
  13. 600ish

    Adjusting forks in tripleclamps

    Yes and Yes. Everything Dexter said. I just did the same on my YZ last year:thumbsup: . I just lightly tapped the bottom of each fork leg with a rubber mallet. Or twisting works fine.
  14. 600ish

    YZ250 - What does 2K get me?

    I live in GA and I know that in this part of the country $3000 and you can get a good clean couple year old bike all day long. A buddy just bought an '04 YZ250 for $2200 which is a little cheap with the low hrs. and great shape it is in and aftermarket parts. I think you could get an '01-03 for that price:confused: check some prices now on www.cycletrader.com http://www.georgiaoffroad.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=22693 2001 YZ250 for $1750 http://www.georgiaoffroad.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=22202 2000 YZ250 for $2100 Good Luck!
  15. 600ish

    Where to get the JD Kit?

    I bought my kit from Rocky Mtn. about a year ago and it was a year too long to wait IMO. I do see they do not sell them anymore. BUY this kit!!!!! Like RCannon says, it is worth every penny. Throw away the stock jets and get the JD Jetting kit. One of my real Cheap friends sucked it up and bought the kit for $60 and a few days later I got a message on my machine with him going on and on about how great the YZ250 is running. He has ridden for 30+ years and owned 30+ bikes and this was his first JD jetting Kit and he is Sold, and so are thousand of others. I have had dozens of guys at the races rant and rave about them as well. Most on KTM's. He is in business for a reason. The Dyno does not lie. Just Do IT!!!!!!