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  1. You should be able to order the seals/o-rings from Beta USA. Also you may be able to get parts from Yamaha as they also use Nissin brakes.
  2. In a pinch you can't beat Mobil 1 MC 10-40, available at wallys and meets the requirements.
  3. Are you referring to the transmission vent? If so I guess you could possibly reseal the threaded hose nipple and use some different hose. I haven't had any seepage from that area.
  4. Washer should be flat after torqued. Mine was also a PITA the first time I removed it. I ended up heating the bolt with a heat gun which helped loosen up that locktight the factory used.
  5. Mine was replaced under warranty about two weeks after purchase. Mine had a hole in the float which made it sink down to the bottom and trigger the light. I think Beta must of got a bad batch of low fuel sending units. After replacement it hasn't acted up since.
  6. OP I changed my seal on my 2016 500RS a couple weeks ago (1,000 miles) as it was just barely leaking, mostly just some residue around the case and countershaft sprocket. Changing it was just like any other, gently pry out the old seal (I used a seal removal tool) and replace. Beta has an Oring at the end of the collar that I replaced also. I used a little RTV sealant around the outside of the seal prior to install. Make sure the seal is square with the case but slightly in set of the case. Check the collar, I used a little scotch bright to clean the outer surface of the collar but you may want to just replace it if it looks grooved or marred. Parts were about $30.00. Also put some grease around the inside lips of the new seal before install. The new seal looked slightly different as the original had metal around the outside and the new one was rubber. Hasn't leaked since.
  7. OP thanks for sharing the analysis. The test was only on the engine oil only and not the trans. I wonder if the trans oil would be fine at 30 hrs if using a good synthetic oil. Has anyone done an analysis on the gear oil side yet? I currently have 50 hrs on my 500rs and have been changing the engine side at 15 hrs and filter every other change. I'm currently using motul trans 10-40 and amsoil 10-40 dirt bike in the engine but will going to the amsoil dirt bike in both from now on.
  8. Thanks for the pics, looks nice and clean now. Should run great when done.
  9. Good report Marty! Sounds like you've taken good care or your ride. What kind of fluids are your running?
  10. Hey Surfer-dude check out the Kenda 270 http://powersports.kendatire.com/en-us/find-a-tire/motorcyclescooter/dual-sportadventure/k270-dual-sport/ I ride both street and dirt, although they slide a little more then a knobby in the dirt it's not bad. It does wear much better then a knobby and rides good on the street as well. Let us know what you decide to get.
  11. Here's a few pic's of my Cycras. They seem to fit pretty well.
  12. Mine got a little boogered up but I think it was caused by a rock that kicked up. Mine does fit a little loose but so far (1,000 miles) hasn't came in contact with the caliper bolt though.
  13. Looks nice, did the pipe require re-mapping the EFI?
  14. If i'm not mistaken, the water pump seal is supposed to be replaced at 90 hrs and listed as a maintenance item. You are well below the listed hrs for replacement. I think they will cover it but hopefully it didn't damage the drivetrain bearings, cooling system etc. Good luck
  15. Sorry to hear. How many hrs? Will it be a warranty deal?