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  1. Yamaninja

    04 rm 125 miss fire

    Is there a way to test the coil? I don't want to just through parts at it. Could it be a jetting issue?
  2. Yamaninja

    04 rm 125 miss fire

    I have a 2004 RM 125, that miss fires really bad when under load. Almost like as if the plug is starting to fail. I have changed the plug but still cuts out really bad. standing still with no load the bike revs up into the higher rpm but starts to miss a little towards the top end. When climbing a hill and the power is needed the bike starts to cut out and all power is lost. Clearing the cylinder before a climbs doesn't seem help. Any suggestions?
  3. Yamaninja

    04 yz250 frame and sub-frame

    Im looking at getting some frame guards. Are they year specific? I found some on e-bay, but they are for an 02. would they fit my 04?
  4. Yamaninja

    04 yz 250 cylinder.

    I'm doing a complete top end rebuild on my 2004 yz 250, as well as plastics and graphics. I was wondering if the cylinder was lined with nickel like the KX is? And also the torque spec. For the cylinder base and head.
  5. Yamaninja

    04 yz250 chatter sound?

    I guess the only thing i can do is tear it down and see whats going on inside. Thanks for your inputs. I will post when i figure out what happened. Plannin on doing a complete rebuild including repainting the frame, plastics, graphics. I will post pictures along the way too. thanks
  6. Yamaninja

    04 yz250 chatter sound?

    Im pretty sure its not my chain. I done the whole "dont care if the chain is loose" thing and i wound up in the middle of sand dunes with a busted chain and a hole in the case. so Im good and keeping the chain at the right tension. It might be detonation but i used the same gas on the ride before the chatter and it doesn't explain why the drain tube keeps blowing off. Same thing with the piston slap. It may be kissing the cylinder but again why is the drain tube for the power valves blowing off. All very good explanations but doesn't quite explain everything. Is it possible i have two different failures going on inside?
  7. Yamaninja

    1994 rt 100 muffler packing

    I think it might be a baffle instead of packing. They usually get pulled out because it makes them louder, and loud apparently means fast. lol
  8. Yamaninja

    04 yz250 chatter sound?

    I have a 2004 YZ250 with a chatter sound coming from what i think could be the power valves. It will only chatter when the engine is under load. In neutral and high idle the chatter is not present. Also when the engine is under load the drain tube for the valves keeps getting blown off. Is that part of the problem or something else? I have done a squish mod along with Vfoce 3 reeds and P.C. exhaust. The time before this last ride the chatter was not there. Is it possible that the wrong fuel mix ratio will cause the valves to chatter? If not what kind of repair am i looking at?
  9. Yamaninja

    Black Tank

    Thanks for your help everyone.
  10. Yamaninja

    Black Tank

    Im looking for a black fuel tank for a 04 yz250. I did the die thing and it worked very well, but its kinda fading and Im looking to buy a black tank. Where do i look and how much am I looking to spend?
  11. Yamaninja

    03 kx 250 exhaust

    Im looking for the best silencer to go with a stock pipe on an 03 kx 250. The whole exhaust system will be upgraded eventually just not right now, and i want the silencer to go with the stock pipe as well as the upgraded one. Any ideas or suggestions?
  12. Yamaninja

    Radiator Problems!!!!!

    Does anyone know if a 04 YZf250 radiator will fit a 04 YZ250? If not, whats the difference?