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  1. buick

    Tahoe NF Travel Management Appeal live sream

    Any update or is it up for further review?
  2. buick

    Tahoe NF Lawsuit

    Karen has claimed victory again. She must not get tired of winning http://www.peer.org/news/news-releases/2013/11/26/tahoe-national-forest-wins-court-protections/
  3. Im heading up for an annual college get together up at huntington lake and this year we are bringing the bikes (ktm street legal). I know the Dusy is a beast on a bike, any other suggestions (PM's preferred as the eco nazi's check this board).
  4. buick

    Plumas NF-Subpart A begins.

    My god there is more red than green on the maps. Do you happen to know when the public comments are due?
  5. buick

    Riding at Georgetown on Friday 31st

    I'll be riding it manana. If CERA works this hard to put it on the least I can do is show my support!
  6. buick

    Tahoe NF Lawsuit

    Thanks for your diligence Dave, Kyra, and Jacquelyne! As a side note: The PLF successfully fought the EPA on private property rights in the Supreme Court. Timothy Sandefur is part of the PLF and is often heard on Armstrong and Getty. He is one hell of a guy and if you get a chance send the PLF a thank you note.
  7. buick

    Fire at Stoneyford

    Yep, Boxer introduced the Berryessa Snow Mountain Wilderness bill in the senate a few days ago. Its pretty much a done deal now. Better shine up those hiking boots. Oh well, you get what you vote for.
  8. buick

    Fire at Stoneyford

    I wouldnt put it past them. To be honest after this fire I wouldnt be suprised if Stonyford is closed out for good and eventually merged with the snow mountain wilderness for "conservation" or as its being called the "Berryessa National Monument". Great memories riding there, truly a shame.
  9. Karen gloats: http://www.sacbee.co...tate-parks.html Re "Rescue plan for state parks worth pursuing" (Editorials, May 25): The editorial was right on the money. For its entire history, the Off Highway Vehicle Trust Fund has been receiving fuel taxes that far exceed what can be attributed to OHV use. The findings in the 2006 fuel tax study suggest the fuel tax funding of the OHV program should be reduced from $56.8 million to $27.1 million. Legislation allowed OHV to keep the existing level of funding, but clearly intended the funding to be used for non-motorized recreation, as well as motorized. Yet the division has repeatedly refused to spend any of its funds on projects that don't directly benefit "green sticker" OHV vehicles. The money should be shared with state parks to use in its non-OHV areas. It's a matter of fairness. -- Karen Schambach, Georgetown
  10. buick

    Court Orders Closure of 42 Popular OHV Routes!

    Keep up the good fight all. Its been a hellavu good ride and Ive meet some really cool people in this sport. I just cant think of any other sport where you spend more time fighting for keeping riding areas open than actually riding. One less guy out on the trails (unless its on my mountain bike) <--- -john
  11. buick

    Court Orders Closure of 42 Popular OHV Routes!

    stunned, Karen wins again. well fu ck it. I have a 2008 Ktm 450 excr street legal for sale for the right price. lots of extras. pm me for details. I got back into this sport for fun, it's just turned me into a Michael savage reading,liberal hating person and for what? just to see the land of the free evaporate. bike has big tank, brand new damper, 2100 miles, 140 hours, two sets of wheels, tons of shit. make an offer and good luck to all.
  12. Jon is a good guy. He has had his hands tied with Karen Schambach's lawsuits to try to close the areas for years. IF you dont know who she is you should look her up and get in on the fight to save our lands.
  13. buick

    Cal Poly San Luis Obispo riding locations?

    Pozo, outside of santa margarita
  14. When I tried to register my out of state KTM 950 and motorhome AAA told me that they didnt process out of state transfers and such had to go to the dmv. Have they changed thier policy in the past year?
  15. buick

    McClintock Land Management Hearing Link

    I am sure like you when I go riding I stop to get my gas, food, and post ride drinks in Gtown (and every local town where I go). Her statement that we do nothing to help the economy in gt, or even El Dorado County is laughable. Ive never see Karen in the hotel having a drink chatting it up with the locals on how she plans to restrict thier access to her lands...